Prince Is A True Hero

     the diminishing that takes place once business is introduced to a concept is an awful shame. unavoidable, no doubt, but still a shame. the business mandate of negotiation and compromise should not be excluded from artistic endeavors. however, it has to be totally excluded from the creative process and completely seperate from the performance process. it has it's own very narrow space. in addition, it should be managed expertly and efficiently by a person unconnected to rest of the overall process. creative and performance can be the same individual, but certainly doesn't have to be. actors act, writers write, a few great songwrites are great singers. only a few. willie, dylan, cash, bono, lucinda, merle, all the hanks, and all the elvises. many that died too early were mostly dumb and addicted. morrison, cobain, elvis, janice, hendrix, hank sr, and michael jackson. prince is a true hero. so to is pat benetar, who is playing at choctaw casino in durant, oklahoma, just across the texas border. my point is this:  take your time and let your gifts be revealed. cannot recollect the original point i was trying to make, but business is business, know what i mean?