Devil's Masterpiece

religion is incredibly human.
and all that humans touch is corrupted.
invented by us.
refined for us.
easier the better.
push a button and see religion.
being religious means nothing.
other than intense self focus.
knew a guy once who got religion.
went to the mountains to pray.
and live by himself.
still there.
hope he's one with God by now.
i guess i hope that.
the Word is worthy of attention and study.
but religion can hold you back.
the letters of screwtape.
the devil's masterpiece.
we're made to work and serve.
specifically for God.
but it has nothing to do with religion.
we're also made to create.
made in His image.
the Creators's image.
create songs.
and poems.
and paintings.
and faces from rocks.
and love.
think even of technology.
and we'll continue creating.
humanity, i mean.
until the credits roll.