supernova wanna bees.
glowing eyes.
follow the leader.
keep the truth.
to yourself.
hand out the jacks.
one at a time.
those damn jacks.
blame the bureaucrats.
and the bureaucracy.
sing to the true lovers.
clan of wildcats.
separately hunting.
darwin was partially right.
except for the monkeys.
talking souls here.
talking souls filled up with life.
talking souls that never die.
they all have blood.
not everyone has a soul.


by a blind runner.
boots up to her knees.
world order is lost.
this hollow life.
checked into the riverwalk spa.
with sore feet.
and a clouded mind.
felt relief in an instant.
finally sane.
a host of cooks and butlers.
table full of fable talk.
wildcats wait.
perhaps a playful paw.
glorious faces.
behind shower doors
not yet comfortable.
not yet adjusted.
unlikely to ever be.
foreigner to most.
follower of none.