Texico (Draft): Oklahoma Food Drop

     The leaders of the succession from America movement, which eventually resulted in the establishment of the Texas nation, which eventually led to the establishment of the Texico nation, were all still involved in Texico society throughout their lifetimes.  Well into his eighties, J. T. Barnes streamed live on the wedia wire.  Although elecrtrical wires by that time were obsolete and the Texican landscapes are all wireless now.  He died in a car wreck near Spur, Texico trying to avoid hitting a jackrabbit.  Details of the incident remain undisclosed by the Barnes family.  Fran Del Corona grew tomotoes and counted his money until he fell on his head trying to walk across an icy sidewalk in Ft. Worth.  He was a hundred and twenty three years old. To this day, most world record opinionators consider him the longest living human ever.  Although how can we really know, especially considering the Old Testament.  Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald continued, often in vain, to change the world.  When they were both ninety-eight years old, L. Dean paid a farmer a thousand dollars to take them up in an old crop duster so they could drop some food to starving americans in Ada, Oklahoma.  Annabelle, by that time, had overcome her fear of flying and was fearless in the air.  Unfortunately, for all involved, including the hungry folks in Ada who never got the food, the farmer proved to be an inadequate pilot and the plane went down on Granite Mountain, near Davis, Oklahoma.  No one survived and the seventy-six year marriage of the Fitzgeralds finally ended on earth.  The music stopped, but the melodies remain for all Texicans.  The red hours followed by stars in the neon night.