Sucker Punched

b'cause a time bomb went off
over near the main street bank
that vault's the fullest in the land
money just falling from the sky
people in heat grabbing at the cash
stuffing their pockets then grabbing more
looked up and saw the fuzz coming
in a pack like a scene from mad max
blue shirts and hardhats and billy clubs
broke out some kung fu and held my own
'til they sucker punched me from behind
should've seen the that joker coming
breathing got out of whack for a moment
only took a flash of vulnerability
seven of them jumped on me and wailed
just kicked and swung fists wildly
knuckles were bloody and swollen
hand bones and finger bones shattered
took one guy out with a head butt
another with an elbow to the nose
finally they took me in to the pokey
midnight cops on a shift change
booked me for resisting and profanity
and that's why i'm here.