Crude Summer

     whoever wrote that hearts can break while a person is alive would likely be classified as an unfortunate soul and bad estimator of the permanent need in every person to have a working heart full of aortas and ventricles and blue and red veins like we saw in the textbooks we put book covers on probably to hide the publishing company's name which could cause a stir in any household paying attention to the knowledge being thrust into the minds of the sweet children who will one day determine the conditions of your last days undoubtedly assuring you all the while that best interests we're being considered due to the love in their hearts and all the time you wanting only the love in their souls which is divine and everlasting as the heart is mortal and doomed to a satin-lined casket or the heart could serve two souls as a transplant if some especially fortnuate person perhaps in a car wreck down on the freeway involving only one car that hit a concrete wall in the construction zone because the man driving was changing out his music and he lost control near the overpass that soars high into the air as part of a mixmaster project where more workers are watching work than working and the portable johns are always tipped over which brings up the topic of sanitation and the wonderment of where all our trash goes when we send it out to the dumpster and the trash truck comes to pick it up and take it just outside of town to a big dug up hole and covers it up with earth's own dirt which could be either the most obvious and rightous place for it or a travesty to God's great creation but surely the tainting of the oceans by human trash is inexcusable and should be met with the strongest opposition as the crude summer of 10 in the gulf is remembered not only by the cajuns but by all of their texican brothers and sisters.