Slip Camping

e) grab a flashlight
f) spot the fish
g) stand watch all night
h) 'til the bugs go to sleep
i) summer night sweats
j) sticky skin
k) hooked fingertip
l) crusted blood
m) feet off the pier
n) army green water
o) orange life jackets
p) never worn
q) closed compartment
r) mosquito lands
s) slaps
t) car light motions
u) cricket sounds
v) rocky roads
w) uphill and heavy air
x) fish gut air
y) woke on a deck
z) with an unknown dog licking my face



c       g          f           c             g 
what kind of sacrifice could we give
c                               g
what do we have to offer
f    c     f      c
our world's saints

could hardly think of a time i've seen
a bird help another one
fretting and sweet
the lovers

ingore the binding mind capturers
iching all the right places
caverns revealed

sweated then bled then He died
hung in the morning sun
hour before dusk


Fires, And Storms, And Rocketships

stranded in the middle of a wildfire
flames a hunnard feet high
wish that thundercloud would roll by
tornado or not
plows in the fields left to burn
cats and dogs already ran off
ain't no one to fight it
the bright, melting, smoke maker
a disaster area, huh
hell yes
black, ash covered valleys
charred trees, still rooted
trashman came and nothing was left
a raw, but cleaner, land remained
dirt, fortified with fossils
labor awaits
winds are gushing
like herds of rocketships
the late spring storms, violent and teasing
damn fires.

Hoeing Potatoes Blues

g                                                           c
air moving quick about forty mile an hour
g                                                              c
along the fence line goes maria on the rider
f                  c                  g                      c
woke up, had breakfast, know what i gotta do
f                g                    f                       c           
so i grabbed my hoe and put on my work boots

last night i slept with a with a town on my mind
mountains all around down on the mexican line
thought we saw a vision as we drank in the saloon
left my gloves in the barn, hoeing potatoes blues

tennessee son, been playing slide and lead
the lake's gotta be connected to the creek
electric wires and soundproof rooms
already walked down here i'll dig up a few

they cut a road for this place, it's about to get paved
the leprechaun man just working at his trade
been everywhere he could go now he's through
blisters on his fingers, hoeing potatoes blues


Add Some Tabasco

shoulder plateau
time moves slow
a short intro
begins the show

heart in traction
love being rationed
all the while smashing
recorded in captions

midnight lovers
exchanging troubles
sly and undercover
pity the mothers

chemical imbalance
send them to france
complete their rants
continue the dance

add some tabasco
makes your back bow
heat sneaks up slow
shoulder plateau



imagination: seed of history
imagination: lonesome irony
imagination: godess perfection
imagination: source of discontent
imagination: territorial notions
imagination: dream trash
imagination: founding fathers
imagination: art worthy
imagination: halo owner
imagination: streetlamp gazer
imagination: dark stars
imagination: reality check
imagination: eyes closed tightly
imagination: across the street blues
imagination: holy rollers
imagination: out of style
imagination: tombstone whistler
imagination: anxiety monsters
imagination: fantasy prisoner
imagination: truth through gauze
imagination: literal meanings
imagination: laughing pirate
imagination: color explosions
imagination: possible scenarios
imagination: wrecked balance
imagination: air brushed maidens
imagination: self love
imagination: self hate
imagination: independent flyers
imagination: mind tune-up
imagination: wisdom apologizer
imagination: inventions
imagination: divine taster
imagination: phantom madness
imagination: mirage maker
imagination: deep deep blue



Masters Of Man

take you apart moment by moment
explore the pixeled brain
colors too numerous to name
colors without names yet
pluck out the eyes
cameras to the passing scenes
don't look at everything
at least don't look twice
those lips creating all the words
air from the lungs gentle and silent
dry lips
wet tongue

shoulders shouldering
arms arming
butts butting
knees kneeing

heart and soul polar opposites
one spastic, the other smooth
a masterpiece of technology
a mysterious and supernatural wonder
the woman certainly the superior
better hearts, better souls
the ache they produce
masters of man


Sad Souls Of Islands

that jazz bops man like a stereo spider
i'll tell you man, like a three tone jail bird
silent parts exploding the songs into liquid
then getting cold, the ice shattering teeth
rock's more primal, screaming and thirsty honey
hardly ever breaks the noise, elevation defined
withered and rough, the skin of dirty peasants
clear, squinting eyes hollowing out the blind lights
folk makes me want to walk, walk until my feet hurt man
resting by the state park signs and tuning guitars by ear
writing history on bar napkins, moist on the edges
wadded and pocketed, melody the reluctant foe
or click a clock by the dreaded and raggaed sounds
going on all night, after all day, never before noon
crying for mothers and children and the lost of this world
tragic, the daily encounter, sad souls of islands


Laughing Loudly

crackling juicemaker
cringing clouds
crumbling, clearly in desperation

thrashing heartbreaker
touching treetops
thriving, tearily and sad

lonely car racer
laughing loudly
leaping, luciously and kind

sleeping parader
struggling stories
sharing, suffocating dreams