Space Girls With Glitter

the light in here is a bit heavy
all along the country lane she sweated
all the cares of the entire world

went the long way, by the gasoline station
peering into store windows on the way
some auction was going down in the round

space girls with glitter and memories
moving in unision to the beat of the band
fear not was said ten thousand ways

and the prophet's words fulfilled
pardon me she moaned
but would you mind taking me to dance

blue, blue those eyes. and alive.
become what you want to be, but hurry
the crow's getting louder and louder

thirty three degrees and the coffee shop closed at 8:30
what kind of joint are you running?
the government's gonna make it fair

karl marx was a well intentioned man
but a seer he was not
motivation is what turns the engine of capitalism

another flawed system in it's pure form
but right in it's harmoniuos relationship with human nature
marxism and it's historical place of failure

patronize the young and spirited
at your peril and without an invitation for tea
sinatra, he played cards and drained whiskey bottles

until 3am

the actresses never once missed a que
right on the mark with comedy lines and expressions
the way out is through others

the calm and broken southwesterners
the settled and robust midwesterners
the preoccupied northeasterners

the innocent and proud southerners
and the californians
and the others

...and the north plains people
the true heroes of the world
blaming no one and demanding an appearance