Sideshow Act

fall in line (fall in line)
jitterbug (jitterbug)
kick the cat (kick the cat)
make some love (make some love)

sisterhood (sisterhood)
hand me downs (hand me downs)
replace the carpet (replace the carpet)
stand around (stand around)

d7                                                  em
the flavors of this life will make you sing
d7                                                   am
the stories of this life will make you sing
d7                                                  em
the women in this life will make you sing
d7                                                 d7                                        em
let's all clap our hands (clap, clap), let's all join a band (clap, clap),
d7                                         em
let's all sing hallelluia to the King

cold mornings (cold mornings)
stomping feet (stomping feet)
talking heads (talking heads)
snow and sleet (snow and sleet)

sideshow act (sideshow act)
tin cup change (tin cup change)
Words of God (Words of God)
lovely dames (lovely dames)

the flavors of this life will make you sing
the stories of this life will make you sing
the women in this life will make you sing
let's all clap our hands (clap, clap), let's all join a band (clap, clap),
let's all sing hallelluia to the King


We Are Not Alone

when we finally close these eyes, we'll really see. the unexplained will seem perfectly logical. possibly, we'll breathe easier. absolutely, we'll hear trumpets. we'll slowly live eternal life. provisions obsolete and groans unknown. the bitter taste of life replaced by a rush of enlightenment. fully, completely, and always. oh the wonder! oh the glory! oh the peace!....................so we wait, sorrowful at times, but anxious mostly. burdens are light, but anticipation makes us restless. lost souls walking in the dark, reaching for answers, reaching for anything to guide their ways. they are creatures of the Divine too. listen to them plead, listen to them beg, listen to them moaning!.........take a moment right now, before it's too late, to banish understanding. forget your pride and listen to your gut. we are not alone.


Jackrabbit Dinner

a true mess it is
the ridiculous irony
and suicide bombers
he looked out over the ridge
dust in the distance
could be a thousand things
jackrabbit dinner
a tree falling silently
he imagined a lone predator
stalking the river beds
her baby girls sleeping on the bank
eyes the prey
looks it over for a while
knowing every inch of the destined
she manipulates and moves slow
heart's at half speed
suddenly a burst
noises of the fierce and dying
a final and merciful grip
blood runs cold
another day for the ladies.

Mind Over Soul Endures

thought in succession
rapid and easy
the day awaits
like a mountain a hundred miles away

loose but altered
very selectively
first thought best thought
proposing actual thought as worthy of expression too

these lines and patterns
weaving, skipping,
hiding, brutal and proud
mind over body fades, mind over soul endures


Just Outside Of Recognition

between cowardice and bravery
the decision of every man and woman

just outside of recognition
where mistakes are not considered

flinging rose petals and ropes
to the pirates on the other side

jaw dropping feats of impossibility
and a relatively pleasing peace of soul

throughout history we soldier on
facing gloomy days and winning most

the insignificant create nothing
like a user reading atlas shrugged

lines in the sand drawn for nothing
just a puppet in another game

dust collects on the books and pictures
microscopic shreds of life fully lived

imperfections covered up by the millions
one brush at a time

theories and settings and character traits
all coming to an end and leaving illumination

just outside of recognition
where the sane people dwell

Smiling Desperado

a good man is like God's worn out jeans...
a good man is like a fire's burning embers...
a good man is like a good practical joke...
a good man is like a map of asia...

...and asia never once quit calling me.

a good man is like a starlet's double d's...
a good man is like a second cup of coffee...
a good man is like a raging dinner bell...
a good man is like a smiling desperado...

...and desperados always have a plan.

a good man is like a prince with wings...
a good man is like a sundown on the bayou...
a good man is like a lemon or a lemondrop...
a good man is like a runner in a dream...

...and dreams are heaven's glimpses.


Texico (Draft): Breakfast Talk

     The call he made to the prime minister of Mexico on a calm November day of 2017 was critical in Texico's road to nationhood. L. Dean had just finished a breakfast of 2 eggs and toast and over coffee he contacted Francisco Del Corona and told him what he was proposing.  "Fran, open your mind.” they spoke in english due to L. Dean's solitary language abilities, “A union of our two countries seems the most natural thing in the world t' me."
     "Well amigo, I can see the benefits too, however, we pause due to our historical place at the heel of your boots. Remember the Mexican people haven't always been treated very well by the Texans, go back generations."
     "Damn Fran! Who burned who at the Alamo? And who brought their war to San Antonio and San Angelo. You remember than little 7 year old girl the Mexican druggies kidnapped and tortured on TV. Those bastards are gone now. Long gone." He paused and continued sensing the uneasiness on the other end of the line, "But my point is there's blood on both sides of the path we've walked. We've been fightin' for years. Not anymore. Let's turn our rages and injustices and grudges into the heart of a new neon country, open for business for those wanting to live in peace. Who the hell cares about the past anyway? Fran, we have a neon future together."
     "Ahhh, El Dean", as he was known to all Mexicans, "You are right, of course. But the Mexican leadership is worried about the perceptions of Anglo rule." Del Corona, was getting to the point. The Mexicans knew joining Texas and adopting the Texico Papers would springboard them to the top of the international scene. After years and years of being rightly portrayed as a country in chaos and run by the cartels, the desire to channel the Mexican soul into another movement was shared by all. The Texico Papers, written by L. Dean himself, outlined a complete plan to decide leadership and was designed to ensure local enforcement of laws and maintain national diversity. Political maneuvering was part of any process, but the Texico plan kept it to minimum with its term limits and impeachment process.
     "Well Fran, an Anglo may get in (he was speaking of the Presidency), or somebody over in Baja. But they only get one shot at it. What's an Anglo anyway anymore? You know better. You're talking to me Fran. You're born with some warm blood, like me. You're born with a beating heart, like me. You're born with breathing lungs, like me." L. Dean was almost singing by this point. "It's all in the Texican soup!"
     "El Dean, you should write that down and pick a tune from it. I know your guitar is near." Fran was trying to lighten the discussion, L. Dean was roaring.
     "Oh, I'm sorry Fran; I know you're speaking for the masses. But they should trust what they've never truly trusted before."
     "What's that amigo?"

     The truth was for months there had been talk among the political establishments and corporate leadership of both nations and an agreeement on the Texico Plan seemed assured.  The Mexicans had much to gain with a union.  After breaking from America a few years earlier, Texas had influenced many American companies to relocate to Texas. The business environment was inviting and free of the petty and politically motivated regulations and their over-bearing regulators. Texas was focused on strict enforcement of a few important regulations, but was not in the business of choosing sides on the business field. The people would put them out of business, and where the people were powerless and rules were broke, the government would provide swift banishment from the field of play, the guilty never to conduct business in Texas again. Texas was not the land of 2nd chances in business matters. Win by competing. Monopoly's were fragile due to the people's sway and invested heavily to remain in the public's favor. Large companies gave billions to fuel infrastructure, universities, charities, parks, and other institutions. Fine quality, value, and influence, each feeding the other, was the way to win in the marketplace.  Texas was on their way to economic wonderment the Mexicans wanted in.

     The call continued with various details and agreeements.  Well wishes and reminders of the approaching adoption of the Texico Plan by Texas on July 4th of the following year.  "We'll have people streaming over our border in droves. I just hope we can keep the okies out." L. Dean joked, "Four years to swell our population before we make it official with ya'll in 2022. I figure we could get up to 500 million total. One thing is for sure, a bunch a' Mexicans will be walkin' around with a bunch a' cash. All the building we'll be doing. Talked to some guy the other day about building houses into the ground. I think our land’s to shifty for that, but it would be better in a tornado."
     "Gone to Texico. El Dean, I can't wait to see it." Fran replied.  He truly admired the clear vision of L. Dean.
     L. Dean took a final drink of his coffee before ending the call, "It'll be neon Fran. The brightness of a Texico night. Advise ratification of the Texico Plan and the next four years will be a marvel." Fran hung up knowing a better future for the Mexicans awaited.



Shell-Shocked And Alarmed

.....woke up shell-shocked and alarmed.  starting to feel like i'm being controlled.  every man needs a path to walk, a woman's touch, and a pot of gold.  my path has become worn down to the dirt.  any top soil is gone.  the true earth is walked.  and drove.  over and over.  my path is a circle, it seems.  mentally, however, the circle creates a wonder.  the many lives of uneasiness.  a good and congenial soul.  at peace and rest.  a woman's face of desperation and worry.  alone and shaking at the world's monsters.  grateful she is for the confidence.  understanding the endurance required.  she makes a house and keeps a home.  stands by her truth and keeps the commands.  only herself she guards.  like a wasted garden.  left to restlessness and glances.  a poor man with a bank of cash.  perseverance rewarded.  the circle proved fruitful, and the vows rang true.  our desires and natures hibernate to another season.  our brains conducting it all.  it's windows always open and peering.  the eyes seeing the wanted, the ears hearing the moans, the mouth tasting the sweet and sour, the hands feeling life, the smell of daisies, and a loss of control....


The Trinity Summed Up

God is seperate, and no doubt superior. He is in the heavens, He is walking among us, and He is within us. The Trinity summed up. God in heaven is a cozy feeling, there is a place we will dwell. Among us is harder to grasp, but Jesus is the best known man to ever live on the earth. That Person of the Trinity rose from the dead. There seems a way to get to our dwelling place. Within us is the most misunderstood and unrealized aspect of our God. The true nature of God is to create, give, love. Do not make Him a God of yourself. For He is seperate. But know that He does live within you, guiding your daily actions and decisions. Some call it conscious, some call it my gut, some call it intuition, the women for sure. And remember, at His core, God is a creator. What you create can, and should, be God inspired. Even the dark creations.


Stretch Your Limbs

once, when i was a little younger, and a little dumber, i tried to carry the weight of this damn ole world.  i'll tell you it was an awful feeling.  nights and nights of fret and worry.  days and days of toil and anguish.  for what?  a bag of nothing loaded with chest pains for those caught in the trap.  another day for those who've turned their backs on circumstance.  exsist in the moments, inspire and influence with a plan, stretch your limbs, and sleep a peaceful sleep.     


Painter's Den

consider a small nuisance
an annoying turn of events

visualize a heart beat
it's continuous pumping

drive over to a painter's den
old litter on the floor

wrapers and smocks
a towel hangs from a hook

the painter wipes her brow
and stares out an open window



rivers will find the true path
always and without apology


truth and all it's simplicity
unloads the desperate


but the flesh! the flesh!
mmmmm, sang the choir



Space Girls With Glitter

the light in here is a bit heavy
all along the country lane she sweated
all the cares of the entire world

went the long way, by the gasoline station
peering into store windows on the way
some auction was going down in the round

space girls with glitter and memories
moving in unision to the beat of the band
fear not was said ten thousand ways

and the prophet's words fulfilled
pardon me she moaned
but would you mind taking me to dance

blue, blue those eyes. and alive.
become what you want to be, but hurry
the crow's getting louder and louder

thirty three degrees and the coffee shop closed at 8:30
what kind of joint are you running?
the government's gonna make it fair

karl marx was a well intentioned man
but a seer he was not
motivation is what turns the engine of capitalism

another flawed system in it's pure form
but right in it's harmoniuos relationship with human nature
marxism and it's historical place of failure

patronize the young and spirited
at your peril and without an invitation for tea
sinatra, he played cards and drained whiskey bottles

until 3am

the actresses never once missed a que
right on the mark with comedy lines and expressions
the way out is through others

the calm and broken southwesterners
the settled and robust midwesterners
the preoccupied northeasterners

the innocent and proud southerners
and the californians
and the others

...and the north plains people
the true heroes of the world
blaming no one and demanding an appearance


Forest Highway

c                          g             
we talked in that northern town
f                         c
on the forest highway
f                                 g
where the sisters and mothers
f                     c
gathered to pray.

sang songs of knowing grace
and thought of texico
where the rightous get buried
with sins that we know.

em                                            f               c
her many many heartbreaks her dreams of paradise
em                                             c                 g
her father came to love her and brought this holy night 

alabama preacher man
his pride'll do him in
left his texas folk behind
and will not make amends.

heard choirs and angels
remind us of his birth
took comfort from the trumpet
saved all the earth.

her many many heartbreaks her dreams of paradise
her father came to love her and brought this holy night