North End Of Erwin Park

take a two by four
as you head out the door
gonna go march

the north end of erwin park
something we want to say
people we really want to blame

couldn't keep his last job
something about screwing off
better take a winter hat

it'll be cold during the late night rap
hope that guitar player is there
the one with the funny hair

singing ghost songs and blues
'bout the time he lost his shoes
ten minute solos, finger picking style

coat was made from some baby cow
dude last night got put in the slammer
took a swing at the event planner

be really really scary to go to jail
like something out of dante's hell
protest, protest whatever it is

write it all down and make a list
send it on up to the white house door
demand to be heard, demand the floor

until you quit pissing in the parks
or living it up after dark
sounds like the sounds of an idiot wind

mad at themselves for their constant sins
occupying their minds with chanting songs
burning that candle all night long