Backwards They Live

we will understand love
at the end, clarity and ah ha's
certainly it's not what we thought

or why

but it is wonderful
the cares of this world melt
thursdays and fridays
relections on a pond
each ripple with a story
introduced and loved
unknown to those
trying to get the most out of life

backwards they live

it's you that life wants
to exhaust and use
drowzy and old
satisfied, understanding love


Clawing The Walls

seeking the truth
in the midst of lies

finding the way
through watering eyes

helping the poor
overcome the end

ignoring the fight
of the heartless men

training the young
to have self control

giving the lost
a glimmer of hope

singing the tunes
all through the night

playing the games
losing the fight

clawing the walls
just hanging on

carving the turkey
up until dawn


Buzzards Await

this life of wavering passions
seeking meaning, drowning rightousness
bitter pills and eventual humbling
buzzards await the end
this we know
yet still we plead for acceptance
take me as I am
as if there is another alternative
calculations and odds
mercy only for those who submit
live like a poor man
needs confused with wants again
economies and politics
one feeding off the other
until the days of reckoning
generations pass
each providing identity
the human instinct to associate
comfort somehow found
within the misery of others
tragic irony
of the brotherhoods
and sisterhoods
only the lonely are free
free from expectations and conformity


Cigarette Ash

woke up somewhere between tim buck two and the mission fields
ahh, the worried and the broke
near the wishing well sat a old woman with a inch long cigarette ash
singing church songs and praying
she must have seen the destruction caused by greed and selfishness
the young never really understood
their lives usually not soaked with loss and disappointment and vices
no such thing as young at heart


Hard To Lead America (Ballad of Herman Cain)

herman cain, herman cain
are you ready for this pain
the vultures are ready to end your game.

herman cain, herman cain
they all trashed your name
what a shame what a shame, poor herman cain.

herman cain, herman cain
been kicked and defamed
truth must be buried and a good man blamed.

herman cain, herman cain
come in here from the rain
hard to lead america with your dignity maintained.

herman cain, herman cain
heard the songs that you sang
what a shame what a shame, poor herman cain.



Helicopter Rose

empathy to rhyme
we're all inclined
to stray from the vine
for 2 cents worth of a commoner's utterings.

helicopter rose
born next to the willows
lived her life on the road
going from flop house to flop house on the dock.

started as a one man band
played his tunes all across the land
kept on saying he understands
'til one day when he claimed his pants caught on fire.

simply written, simply said
hard to bust through a thick head
in times we're tested, in times we're led
close your eyes and have a little quiet time with us.

amemgf (3)


Mexican Disco

when streets were icy
ranch in the valley
cussing rattling windows
winter parks
to the top of the mountain
up in eldorado
mission churches
near laredo's downtown
trail walkers
where the lily pads swam
ruins in tulum
afternoon rum runner
mexican disco
mirrors on the ceiling
pot belly girl
ready for a miracle
tell us about the times
when you held her hand.


it's all in the eyes
and the mind's alibi
hold it together
locked in a rolling stone
daily routines
give the years colors
a masterpiece
hung above the mantel
accents of roses
two little girls with bonnets
starting to wander
peering from the gazeebo
a restless man
keeping watch over the women
every hour
a time capsule moment
every day
one of thirty thousand.


North End Of Erwin Park

take a two by four
as you head out the door
gonna go march

the north end of erwin park
something we want to say
people we really want to blame

couldn't keep his last job
something about screwing off
better take a winter hat

it'll be cold during the late night rap
hope that guitar player is there
the one with the funny hair

singing ghost songs and blues
'bout the time he lost his shoes
ten minute solos, finger picking style

coat was made from some baby cow
dude last night got put in the slammer
took a swing at the event planner

be really really scary to go to jail
like something out of dante's hell
protest, protest whatever it is

write it all down and make a list
send it on up to the white house door
demand to be heard, demand the floor

until you quit pissing in the parks
or living it up after dark
sounds like the sounds of an idiot wind

mad at themselves for their constant sins
occupying their minds with chanting songs
burning that candle all night long