Two Step

c                                                 f
who knows if you get a buick or a bentley.
c                                                 g
who needs to know your point of view.
who cries to the moonlight,
who turns the lights out at night.
g                            f                           c
look around and find your dancing boots.

give me answers to all my psyco questions.
give me an expert in shakedown tecniques.
give me hearts and starlets,
give me art and flavored sparks.
heater nights walking cobbeled streets.

whatcha think they doing in playa del carmen.
shouldn't we just sleep in this hammock all day.
breeze blows from the windows,
she knows he will never go.
haggling for a chess set with a mexican sage.

tell me the truth of the happily ever afters.
tell me of the blame and the broken faith.
bet the under, hear the thunder,
ever wonder when our love will come.
two step like we did in the early days.