Rock Flowers

g                    em                g
did you see the beak on that bird?
d                         c
the once cherished fondness
so distant now.

have you heard a sound so sweet?
the lone harmony of sisters
backseat bands.

what time does the fireworks start?
can they shoot 'em off right now
celebrate freedom.

when does the sun go down here?
dominicans all around
island hearts.

how could i ever know you cared?
five ten woman in heels
snaps her fingers.

where will we be ten years from now?
grey beard and beat up hands
praying for others.

fight the good fight of the faith.
first timothy six twelve
rock flowers.


'Til Lungs Go Still

i was tired. sleep never seemed as scarce, however, despite the morning confusion, i was ready to begin the day as usual, early and clean. outside, the wind had picked up and white clouds framed blue were moving quickly. it was late june, but cool and blustery. the sun had gloriously called the day. oh, to die at this moment. in an instant. painless and content. a fainting sleep. a final sleep. the trash left behind. and the beautiful things too. the method is not important, but i think too many worry about the way it will go down. eventually, the devil get's his due. i think of the eternal and constant mostly. it will be violent probably, He didn't save us from this world. until then, i'll go to war too. battle 'til lungs go still. i hope to get hit by an asteroid one day.

Beg You To Play

get a tuner
make music easy
learn 12 chords
c, g, f, e, d, em, am, d7, a7, g7, a, e7
practice strumming without a pick
practice changing finger placements
keep strumming
most importanly
by far, most importantly
keep your guitar out in the open
put it in a case only when it travels
it will beg you to play
oh, and um, get a tuner


No Suburbs

those maps,
i could look at them forever.
dots and lines,
lakes and rivers.
latitudes and longitudes,
a spider web covering the earth.
the world spins,
always facinated by the iced zones.
old maps,
naked people all around.
angles waving,
persuasive and floating
cities of the land,
islands of the oceans.
half a pinkie,
the same as a hundred miles.
australia in the south,
japan in the north.
salt lakes,
only blue on the maps.
in real life,
the red river flows red.
on a map,
there are no suburbs.


Bandana Brow

humid like airless jungles
the zzzzzz of exotic bugs
life sucking stingers
rolled up sleeves
bandana brow
snakes on the dock
hissing to themselves
a tap on my shoulder
cold mexican beer
bottled and limed
a long draw
and a cooling down my spine


Brightness Of A Texico Night

listen all you brothers and sisters,
all you amigos and senoritas.

we all have times like these,
these are our times.

problem with getting what you want,
is the satisfying.

only lasts about a minute or two, don't it,
always thought we would feel better.

our sorry lot just asks for more,
begging like beggars for acceptance.

never understanding who they are,
or why they were able to live this life.

a box of bones await that man,
dust kicking up as he walks the road.

for me, i'm a grateful sort,
grateful for starlets and neon lights and
the brightness of a texico night. 


Hollowed Out And Sick

the sweats take over and your stomach turns
the heat takes the street and the fires burn
talk about the score, knock 'em on the floor
blonde hair flying and calling out for more

hollowed out and sick
hollowed out and sick
my body let me down
hollowed out and sick

i knew i hurt the woman of my dreams
when i left her stranded in the desert heat
she always knew i had one thing on my mind
my honey started praying and kept her hopes up high

hollowed out and sick
hollowed out and sick
my body let me down
hollowed out and sick





Gutter World

c                                       g         c
don't waste your time wishing for peace
f                                      c
cause peace ain't gonna come
c                                       g         c
people are cranky and selfish and mean
g                        f        c
there's not a peaceful one

amber vision eyes and waves of grain
our greatness is make believe
the rotten mullahs and men of God
should be hanging from a tree

g                                           f           c
thought i'd find peace if i closed my eyes
g                                   c
and prayed to the Holy Spirit
g                                          f            c
He talked back to me and said listen son
g                                     c
death is peace so don't fear it

since that time i've lived free and clear
holding on to the truth
gotta live through this gutter world
before we can eat the fruit

nothing is really the end of the world
crashes or wars or sex
we worry and fret and loose our sleep
we become emotional wrecks

what you need is a healthy apathy
to the troubles of this life
help people along this dirty path
peace on earth is such a lie


Breathless And Beat

between the book dividers

all the stories are told

humidity all around

cause you've confessed

it's craters and ridges

to the promise that's a lie

giver of the mirage

always looking up at the sky

black ribbons and smoke

blamer of others

breathless and beat