E The Moaner

blues are real stories set to music.
and if missing real stories and music,
real stories must be made to music.

first, get a guitar.
it's the easiest travel instrument,
and travel is what it'll take to get good stories.

kiss somebody goodbye, pack lightly, and start walking.
some of them stories would haunt the listener,
sending them into your blue moments.

temporary relocations are available to anywhere.
national geographic scenes, underwater, in space,
spiney deserts, erased forests, natives clad in rags.

from there, find a good chord combination and tap out a melody.
don't forget about minor chords and seven chords,
e the moaner, a the yeller, d the weeper.

sing what you wrote, aloud to brothers and sisters you've never met.
many will nod, some will hand you cash, most will ignore,
but it won't matter, cause you'll have the blues.