Hoeing Potatoes Blues

g                                                           c
air moving quick about forty mile an hour
g                                                              c
along the fence line goes maria on the rider
f                  c                  g                      c
woke up, had breakfast, know what i gotta do
f                g                    f                       c           
so i grabbed my hoe and put on my work boots

last night i slept with a with a town on my mind
mountains all around down on the mexican line
thought we saw a vision as we drank in the saloon
left my gloves in the barn, hoeing potatoes blues

tennessee son, been playing slide and lead
the lake's gotta be connected to the creek
electric wires and soundproof rooms
already walked down here i'll dig up a few

they cut a road for this place, it's about to get paved
the leprechaun man just working at his trade
been everywhere he could go now he's through
blisters on his fingers, hoeing potatoes blues