Bonfire Brew

off to the west, near the nuclear tests
sits a pile of sand and a hornets nest

huge rocks and french white wines
aching for family and having good times

looks of knowing and hands of grease
saltless maragritas and two kinds of meat

bonfire brew near an amphitheater
blues get light from the noise of a heater

from gear to rides to room and board
made that way so we could afford

hospitality holds a lofty place
next to angels and the One of grace

knee high powder and catching breaths
in a state of mind and a state of unrest

sweetie wakes early and starts to howl
never heard her beg, never heard her growl

junior looks strong and he seems real smart
flaunts a huge smile and a tender heart

up near the divide in a valley of hope
lives a family who will always live near the slopes

a canyon was forged by the eagle river
if my life wasn't waitin' i'd try to live here

smartest man i ever knew got some good tests
it'll take more that that to put him to rest