The Smell Of Fog

never had a chance to smell fog
until i rode through some
open air, chilly
never even thought of smelling fog
til i smelled it
didn't know i was smelling it for awhile
just riding, i guess
we see it from afar
pictures are taken
we are warned
fog as a curse on the land
its blanket with hill tops
and mountain tops peering
we feel it at times, its heaviness
suffocating and wet
never considered the smell
just took it in
by chance, or divine clarity
(doesn't matter)
i smelled fog two mornings ago
like an explosion
amplified its surroundings
microphone of smell
reverb jacked to ten
the grass, the trees, the tires
pure and thick it smelled
the molecules lingered
closed my eyes for a moment
to dismiss the distractions
actually, several moments
hypnotized by motor sounds
i'll never forget the smell