The Egyptian Mob

in alexandria there's fire and smoke
mubarek looks worried, the government's broke
egyptians could close the suez canal
nobody's oil gets through, no man gets out

people been down for years and years
taunters and looters rage and ruin
pyramids shake, and mummies arouse
remembering the days moses took 'em out

mob, provoked, moves through the streets
white house issued a press release
mob don't care what the white house say
ain't from around here anyway

mob don't want to be told how to think
'specially by a fool who looks so sleek
kings and queens gonna hear the mob
for years and years the mob's been robbed



Drama Mama

tell us all about it
over and over
'til late at night
while the embers smolder
can't really explain
you'd have to know her
drama mama, drama mama, drama mama

wrinkle on her head
 across her brow
starts to get quiet
then gets quite loud
screams unannounced
above the crowd
drama mama, drama mama, drama mama

iced drinks served
with silver bullets
before you leave
y'should fill your buckets
take a minute, take a day
rely on luck
drama mama, drama mama, drama mama

scarecrow walking
without no straw
slamming her doors
gliding the halls
learns the language
learns the law
drama mama, drama mama, drama mama



So Ungrateful

so ungrateful(2)
for the mothers
for the breeze
for candles
for all night ten cent stores
for cork and corkscrews
for the ability to measure time
for warm liquid in the morning
for caller id
for ladders and crystal chandeliers
for perfume and shadows
so ungratful(2)
for graceful companions
for flat serves
for 11 resolutions
for reading articulation
for God's Word
for eye lashes and long, staring smiles
for 12 month subscriptions
for cash
for working parts
for the view from the moon
so ungrateful(4)


Run For The Door

witness the songs as they are written
bought some pants 'cause my jeans ain't fittin'
accused of lookin, but i knew i didn't
don't want to pretend no more

thinking of a girl that took me for granted
left in the night, alone and abandoned
try to ignore it but i just can't stand it
'bout to make a run for the door

cards and calls and panic attacks
if i leave now, i could never look back
they'd find me somehow, they'd trace my tracks
i'll live with a heart that's torn

woke in the morning, soaked with regret
dreamed about a woman i never ever met
i owe her a song to clear my debt
she's the reason i was born


Hi Koo To You Too

crumbs in my bedroom
startled to hear the laughing
my poor ole honeys


Absurd, The Passions

a shroud, the denseness
laboring awake
faith not felt
known and enduring
the mind's connections
unspoken and locked
light bulbs, unpackaged

three alarms, marinaded
social hour
tweed and polish
the downsiders and outsiders
mystical and unbound
brave sinners
absurd, the passions


The Smell Of Fog

never had a chance to smell fog
until i rode through some
open air, chilly
never even thought of smelling fog
til i smelled it
didn't know i was smelling it for awhile
just riding, i guess
we see it from afar
pictures are taken
we are warned
fog as a curse on the land
its blanket with hill tops
and mountain tops peering
we feel it at times, its heaviness
suffocating and wet
never considered the smell
just took it in
by chance, or divine clarity
(doesn't matter)
i smelled fog two mornings ago
like an explosion
amplified its surroundings
microphone of smell
reverb jacked to ten
the grass, the trees, the tires
pure and thick it smelled
the molecules lingered
closed my eyes for a moment
to dismiss the distractions
actually, several moments
hypnotized by motor sounds
i'll never forget the smell


Trick Plays

slipped past the distracted girls at the gate
wandered to the other side, with the latter day saints
sat on the grass in a shady spot
watched a trick play develop, then fail

talked of families and committments
the cheering section loud and untamed to our left
finally the bell sounded and we met across the street
half tequila shots with peach slices

outside, the breeze was cool and the trees were bare
couldn't locate the car keys, pockets full of receipts
in the shade, half buried with the dust, they laid on the ground
as if we were meant to be delayed


Red Wine (And Penguins)

its red color, bloodlike,
silky and smooth
warms the janurary night
your shedding scarf
roped around the neck
of an angel
wheat crust, so delicate and sweet
the taste of carmelization
and fowl
the slumber ends with moaning
the groans to come
boredom and mindless motions
recounting the past travels
beaches, old hotels, and sunsets
a winter wonderland awaits



glimpses is all we get
sweet validation
not deserved
but given
to thankless
who mostly do not notice
and don't really care
the shame of it
too busy to catch the glimpses
too important to look in awe
too smart to believe
too dumb to not understand
sad, really
and the glimpses continue
like gifts given to enemies
whatever it takes
we want to fight
He wants to bribe
He won't fight
why should He?
so we fight each other
hysterical and crazed
while some refuse
and see the constant