some like it thick, others like it thinner
usually a snack, add meat then it's dinner
i always tell the waitress  i want some to go
can never get enough of that good queso

top it off with some pico or some peppers
crispy corn chips make it so much better
get some rotel and the big velveeta
make your queso at home and shake up some margaritas

queso for breakfast with bacon and eggs
eat it for lunch, it's got plenty of veggies
for dinner, don't forget the meat
queso at midnight can't be beat

queso, queso, i love queso
how much i love it, you just can't know
when i lay my head on my pillow and sigh
fall alsleep and dream of queso all night



Jailer Jim

cuffed and patted, my world in tatters
just tried to keep my peace
bridgeport cop said the reason for the stop
was i was going over the posted speed

some jospeh paul got cross with the law
when he was stealing cars for cash
"that's another guy" i stared in his eyes
but he said "put your hands on the dash"

took me in to a jail made of tin
made me change into stripes
jailer jim with the tattoo tan
said i was staying for the night

figured morning would come and we'd get this done
might as well get some sleep
gave me a blanket and pad, i was kinda mad
cause i had wet socks on my feet

found a spot on the wooden cot
laid flat, closed my eyes, and breathed
started to doze when the jailer rose
he had my clothes and the key

got busted out by my long-loved spouse
when she woke the county clerk
processing error caused this terror
"wait 'til morning" ain't gonna work

driving west again to see my friends
to fish, to sing, to rest
i'll get there by six cause all this got fixed
God's Will put to the test



I'm Counting On You

it's gonna be my way or the highway
gonna make it in this world somehow
you can take it your way and hit the freeway
you can worry about the here and now

wanna live a nice life with a sweet honey wife
ramble on the boulevard at night
i know she'll pay the price, I know she'll sacrifice
keep us from going out of sight

a woman that loves me, takes care of me
picks me up when i'm feeling down
a woman that hugs me, a woman that loves me
woman thinks she can turn this world around

every bridge we cross is new
every song we sing is blue
every lie we tell seems true
i'm counting on you