Christmas Blues

could move from this place but i'd have to move
don't want to pick up the slack , not tryin' to be rude
just want you to hear the awful truth
i'm so low down, got the Christmas blues

the midnight sky playing tricks on me
thought i saw the devil in a pecan tree
walked that road for days and days
count the people so the romans get paid

found a barn with a view when i got to town
made our bed with some hay on the ground
i watched her sleep, her skin so brown
couldn't hardly rest cause of the animal sounds

my Baby was born later that night
He didn't make a peep, He barely cried
His mama seemed well, had tears in her eyes
a miracle Child was born that night

we registered our names, they counted three
my honey, myself, and the baby King
does everybody know He gonna set them free?
gonna take all the blame for you and me

the years would pass, and His mama got old
always listened to what He was told
nobody knows what He knows
been living in heaven since time was known

went back to the country, the city's too huge
blisters on my feet cause of m' cowboy boots
might have heard the rumor, i'll tell you it's true
that Baby gonna cure my Christmas blues