Everything That Follows

seems the only
worthy and
measure of time
is day and night

everything else
is in the stars

a new year means nothing

a new month means nothing

a new week means nothing

only a new day has meaning
and everything that follows

Thoughts Bursting

the shape of a poem has the effect of creating momentum....thoughts bursting, the true ones highlighted among the nothings.....like a scene. or a dream. three people dreaming, sitting in the same chair, commenting on the woman in the flowing dress and giving advice on backhands. the oz figure wearing a suit off the rack and a solid maroon tie, his own army celebrating the holiday, or maybe just celebrating drinking, eating, and lusting. his daughter, trapped in her life, uncomfortable to be his daughter. oh, the expectations! she'll likely turn her back and move to tahiti or paris. paris, france.



hello, hello, can you hear me
i already told you what i thought
are you listening
are you paying attention to anyone

someone else in the world has made themsleves known
the push of a button is all
if i hit send i will be known
can you give me a minute, i'm busy

glowface, you've seen me
glowface, you've hurt me
glowface, you need me

already we don't talk anymore
we don't look at each other
can't remember the last time i held you
you've always got a glow in your eyes

your head is down, it's a waste
hello, hello, can you hear me
you look up with a confused face
you don't understand what i'm saying

glowface, you've seen me
glowface, you've hurt me
glowface, you need me

glowface, you've seen me
glowface, you've hurt me
glowface, you need me




Christmas Blues

could move from this place but i'd have to move
don't want to pick up the slack , not tryin' to be rude
just want you to hear the awful truth
i'm so low down, got the Christmas blues

the midnight sky playing tricks on me
thought i saw the devil in a pecan tree
walked that road for days and days
count the people so the romans get paid

found a barn with a view when i got to town
made our bed with some hay on the ground
i watched her sleep, her skin so brown
couldn't hardly rest cause of the animal sounds

my Baby was born later that night
He didn't make a peep, He barely cried
His mama seemed well, had tears in her eyes
a miracle Child was born that night

we registered our names, they counted three
my honey, myself, and the baby King
does everybody know He gonna set them free?
gonna take all the blame for you and me

the years would pass, and His mama got old
always listened to what He was told
nobody knows what He knows
been living in heaven since time was known

went back to the country, the city's too huge
blisters on my feet cause of m' cowboy boots
might have heard the rumor, i'll tell you it's true
that Baby gonna cure my Christmas blues



It Is Finished

maybe the world will end today
the earth and sky eliminated
maybe we'll go on 'til tomorrow
tomorrow afternoon or the next day
the man in the tight suit might know
we'll be covered in sand or maybe snow
it could get to thirty below
before we realize it's time to go
some say it's coming in tewnty twelve
like we could ever really tell
it is finished, the book is closed
the work was done, we've been told
please don't cry when darkness comes
the lights are cut to end our crimes
the end of times will end forever
we'll be gone, but we'll feel much better