Sparsile Out

had a chance last week to adopt some words.
many were available and they were on their best behavior.
hoping to make a good impression.
i'll be no trouble at all.

had to take a couple of days to decide which ones to take.
for it was assured that the adoptions would take place.
these words need love and the oxford university press.
was tired of them.

after much thought, i became the legal adoptor of the following words...

floscation, sparsile, leeftail, vitamin g, ectylotic, aquabib, heltic, tudiculate, prandicle, ten cent store, and fabrefaction.

when we got home, i searched for my new words in the webster's dictonary.
on any of my adopted words.
i was asked if i meant hectic when i tried to find out what heltic meant.

after inital anger, and feeling betrayed by the english, again.
i walked outside to a very bright moon-lit night.  clear.
and i felt that it was very sparsile out.
meaning refreshing or reinvogorating.

i'll determine the meanings of my words.
patience will allow me to find the right meanings.
aquabib sounds like a punk band name.
or the star of an infommercial.

very sparsile out tonight.