Texico (Draft): L. Dean Fitzgerald

     L. Dean Fitzgerald, 73 years old.  Narrator.  One of the founding fathers of Texico and current Secretary of Truth.  Grey hair, peppered with dark brown.  Usually has some stubble due to shaving once or twice a week.  Although fighting normal age maladeys, he is in good shape and credits a significant stretching program began in his early forties and a life-long diet consisting primarily of foods of the ground or raised on the ground.  The choice had served him well.  Hearty fish is eaten as well and his wife, Annabelle, assured that his two girls learned similar eating habits.  His grown daughters, Shelby Lynn and Ava Rose, were accomplished and famous in their own right.  Shelby as an actress, popular in America and Texico.  Ava Rose for her incredible Soccer career that culminated in two World Cup Championships for the nation of Texico.  Soccer was king in Texico and the women led the way.  Ava Rose had led the way.  More on these two later.   Much more later on Annabelle Leigh, the wife, and the former Annabelle Leigh Funderburgh.  Married for over 50 years to L. Dean, she is a timeless beauty whose fiery Christian (Lutheran) convictions took over her life and drives her daily activities.  As if her time to help other people is ticking down.  Which it is.  She is a beloved, and famous, figure in Texico and the world for her efforts and ability to compassionately lead.  L. Dean loves his wife emensly.  And respects her.  And he finds her very beautiful.
    He was the son and stepson of many.  He currently carries out Fitzgerald patriarchal duties along with older and wiser brothers Jess Ross and Willie Bryan.  All the Fitzgerald brothers are proud native Texicans but enthusiastically enjoy the company of a large group of American kin.  Peace has found the Fitzgeralds.  And propserity.  The three were major land owners and made a fortune together when Texico was young.  Most of their land was in the province of West Texas and the abundance of power below and above the ground made their natural gas and wind power company, called HighWind Inc., a very powerful and wealthy interantional force.  Sons and daughters now run the company, inheriting all the headaches, inspirations, and achievements of daily operations.  It remains a very successful company.  L. Dean continued a busy pace after terminating himself from employment and walking out of his office one day.  He was 50,  had published several books, wrote folk songs and poems, and followed his girls around.  He and Annie spent the next 10 years following them around the world before they both made him a grandfather within two months of each other.  Each now had three children.  L. Dean and Annie have continued to to be very proactive and helpful grandparents.  The grandchildren range in age from 15 to 2 years.  Shelby, 2 older boys and a youngest daughter, Ava Rose, 2 older girls and a youngest son.  Health was graciously abundant and hope lives in the heart of the L. Dean Fitzgerald family.  They all live very comfortably, but the vast majority of the original family fortune was used to create the world's largest, and most respected, charitable organization.  The name is Feed His People Services.  Annie actively leads the organization while L. Dean has committed the past 13 years in service to the people of Texico. 

     He has served as Vice President, Secretary of State, and now, Secretary of Truth.  He has always maintained a steady writing schedule and remains an influential cultural figure in Texico.  Retirement was long ago deemed irresponsible and unlikely.  He views it as giving up on life and instead prefers constant mental stimulation and physical exertion.  Thoughtful, bold, and easy-going, possessing a healthy apathy.  Considered a trusted confidant by many and an internationally respected representative of Texico.  Fiery when nessesary, collaborative by nature, and eternal thinking always.  Wears a smile and encourages others.  Classic dresser, avoiding trends and tight fitting clothes.  Walks with a solid posture and loves to drive.  Comfortable alone or with a small group.  Tolerates large crowds, but usually looks for an opportunity to disappear quickly.  Carefully impulsive.  Hates arrogance and usually displays a humble spirit.  Has a signature old Texas accent that can be embelished when appropriate.