Graveyard Wisdom

they'd give anything if they had my cough
or a kingsize bed that was nice and soft
pure envy runs through their veins
everyday seems the same

the same, the same, the same

they all wish they could go to work
experience the frustrations that lurk
day after day they wish
a talk, a lunch, a kiss

one kiss, one kiss, one kiss

seasons change like a kaleidoscope
though the years they learn not to hope
death touches all the races
the colorless resting places

but there's no rest in this place

they long to hold another and taste sweet honey
see the sun fall asleep and have a pocket full of money
smell all the smells of the dirt
feel the pain of being hurt

it's the pain that hurts


My Shiny Used Car

chip on the paint and there ain't much tread
but i like the color and there's room for my head
drove the small one but there's not much juice
had a smooth ride but the steering was loose

worked the numbers with the money guy
kept sending him back to give my numbers a try
finally got him when i put a grand down
gonna make it drive straight and fix that sound

my shiny used car
got a deal on a used car
took it off the lot, my other one's about to rot
my shiny used car

think someone ever smoked in here?
spilled a milkshake or dropped a beer?
smells good to me and drives like a dream
got a sunroof and the stereo screams

leather's overrated anyway
hot in the summer and likely to fade
dark tinted windows and two high-tech keys
from the minds of the japanese

my shiny used car
got a deal on a used car
took it off the lot, my other one's about to rot
my shiny used car

my shiny used car
got a deal on a used car
took it off the lot, my other one's about to rot
my shiny used car


Hochatown Hoot

good evening.  thanks for listening to the Hochatown Hoot on KEWL 107.1, Southeastern Oklahoma's destination for culture, music, and news.  this is lane ramsey with local news.  Adabel police took a man to jail early this morning at 2:30am.  the man, 32, is accused of assault of a minor.  evidently, the man slapped the 7 year old boy after the boy asked him a question at a card game.  "I ain't your daddy, boy," was heard before the alledged assault.  police are still investigating while the man sits in the McClacklin County jail.  further, the man was immediately ambushed at the scene by three women.  hospital officials confirm he had multiple deep cuts around both knees and possibly bone fractures to the face and left arm.  several teeth were missing, but dental records will determine if they were already gone.  needless to say, he has alot to think about.  he will face the judge tomorrow morning.  an indictment is pending.

in other news, the Pine Meadow Church of Christ in Spear Head was burglerized and vandalized overnight.  $150 and a book of stamps were taken and several windows broken.  Chief Rolf Knubing gave a statement earlier in the day.  Please listen to the audio of that statement:

     "This AM we are investigating the apparant burglery and the sickening destruction that occured down at the Church of Christ.  We are currently persuing new leads after several tips and are busy trying to bring the matter to a conclusion.  in fact, we encourage others who have relevant information regarding the church staff to call the Police Department at 585-979-7012.  Or let one of us know if you see us."

when briefly asked questions, the chief claimed "the investigation was still pending" on all inquiries.  although  no arrests have been made or charges filed, a press conference phone call is scheduled for wednesday morning at 9:00 AM.  the church's part-time accountant and maintanence man have retained the same lawyer, interestingly enough, from Powderly, Texas.  he is scheduled to arrive tonight.  he will meet with local prosecuters in the morning.

be sure and get your entries into the 4th Annual McClacklin County Story Contest by April 1st.  open to age 6 and above.  must be a current county resident.  be aware, you may be asked for official documentation prior to the official awards ceremony.  in the event you are not able to provide the needed documentation, including picture id, the next highest vote count will win the award.  several categories will be recognized including, elementary children, middle school children, high school, women's open, men's open, and the coveted Boren Prize.  as in years past i will serve as one of the judges. this year's event sposored by River Shore Cabins, Francis's Candy Factory, Winey Girls Wine Bar, Jimmy's Go-Carts and Putt-Putt, Jane's Whisky Store, and, of course, KEWL 107.1.  the awards ceremony will be held at the Hochatown Assembly of God outdoor amphitheater, facing the highway, on April 15th at 7:00PM.  a tea party rally will follow that will march from Jimmy's to the Shell station.  Bring your flashlights.  this is lane ramsey, giving you the Hochatown Hoot.                                              

Owl Eyes

she sees everything day and night
she sees through the confusion
eyes big and wide and clear
she sees no illusions

with intuition, she finds her way
the truth, the lies
always there, perched above me
with her owl eyes

spotted in a crowded room
never took my eyes off her beauty
spoke of peace and rest to come
i watched as she spoke truley

then she vanished into the night fog
everything was dripping with sweat
my heart broke like a midnight drum
i missed the eyes i just met

she had owl eyes that knew me
she had owl eyes that wanted me
she had owl eyes that loved me
she had owl eyes

woke from a dream, startled
took a deep breath and sighed
pulled the covers up, warm and morning smells
took a look at my sweet owl eyes

she had owl eyes that knew me
she had owl eyes that wanted me
she had owl eyes that loved me
she had owl eyes


The Night I Saw A Day

brother looked wired on caffeine
cab full of offspring, one of them snoring
growing tall and sturdy
could'a swore he called me uncle ross
walked the streets and back alleys
skipped the dark trail by the river
cold, dark, and lonesome it looked
ran across the road like desperate cats
stood in line at a chicken place
then we fed the poor and hungry
they snubbed their noses and sneered
but they did take time to enjoy the feast
activities commence
rosy kiss from the lips of a queen
the skin smooth and cool to the touch
tight muscles relaxed and breathing slow now
we need to bleed the poison
unburden the mind, make it light
drink wine in a juice glass
understand the talk, understand the eyes
phone calls late at night
must rescue another distressed dame
comfort and courage when we meet
the night i saw a day




Tell It To The Judge

propped up on the stand
answering to the man
get away with what you can
tell it to the judge

told me she loved me so
didn't care about my dough
how could she stoop so low
tell it to the judge

she left me for my pal
my pal now had my gal
at night i heard 'em howl
tell it to the judge

i think i went insane
something's wrong with my brain
don't remember my own name
tell it to the judge

God's gonna bless their souls
even though their souls were cold
how could she stoop so low
tell it to the judge

believe what i say is true
went crazy cause i was so blue
wouldn't hurt 'em if i only knew
tell it to the judge


For Wilmer

You know the man seeks You continuously
soon You'll take his soul and set it free
i know he won't go without a fight
Lord please be good to him tonight

always quick to offer a helping hand
a 4 star general in the battle of the land
his body's getting weak, the end's in sight
Lord please be good to him tonight

he's seen the heartache and despair of life
married 70 years to a lovely wife
taught his family wrong from right
Lord please be good to him tonight

if i should live a life as long as his
be around to see my kid's kids have kids
i know i'll hold Your word up to the light
Lord please be good to him tonight

i offer You a poem to serve as a prayer
i know You'll listen and i know You'll care
just one request before Your child takes flight
Lord please be good to him tonight

Texico (Draft): L. Dean Fitzgerald

     L. Dean Fitzgerald, 73 years old.  Narrator.  One of the founding fathers of Texico and current Secretary of Truth.  Grey hair, peppered with dark brown.  Usually has some stubble due to shaving once or twice a week.  Although fighting normal age maladeys, he is in good shape and credits a significant stretching program began in his early forties and a life-long diet consisting primarily of foods of the ground or raised on the ground.  The choice had served him well.  Hearty fish is eaten as well and his wife, Annabelle, assured that his two girls learned similar eating habits.  His grown daughters, Shelby Lynn and Ava Rose, were accomplished and famous in their own right.  Shelby as an actress, popular in America and Texico.  Ava Rose for her incredible Soccer career that culminated in two World Cup Championships for the nation of Texico.  Soccer was king in Texico and the women led the way.  Ava Rose had led the way.  More on these two later.   Much more later on Annabelle Leigh, the wife, and the former Annabelle Leigh Funderburgh.  Married for over 50 years to L. Dean, she is a timeless beauty whose fiery Christian (Lutheran) convictions took over her life and drives her daily activities.  As if her time to help other people is ticking down.  Which it is.  She is a beloved, and famous, figure in Texico and the world for her efforts and ability to compassionately lead.  L. Dean loves his wife emensly.  And respects her.  And he finds her very beautiful.
    He was the son and stepson of many.  He currently carries out Fitzgerald patriarchal duties along with older and wiser brothers Jess Ross and Willie Bryan.  All the Fitzgerald brothers are proud native Texicans but enthusiastically enjoy the company of a large group of American kin.  Peace has found the Fitzgeralds.  And propserity.  The three were major land owners and made a fortune together when Texico was young.  Most of their land was in the province of West Texas and the abundance of power below and above the ground made their natural gas and wind power company, called HighWind Inc., a very powerful and wealthy interantional force.  Sons and daughters now run the company, inheriting all the headaches, inspirations, and achievements of daily operations.  It remains a very successful company.  L. Dean continued a busy pace after terminating himself from employment and walking out of his office one day.  He was 50,  had published several books, wrote folk songs and poems, and followed his girls around.  He and Annie spent the next 10 years following them around the world before they both made him a grandfather within two months of each other.  Each now had three children.  L. Dean and Annie have continued to to be very proactive and helpful grandparents.  The grandchildren range in age from 15 to 2 years.  Shelby, 2 older boys and a youngest daughter, Ava Rose, 2 older girls and a youngest son.  Health was graciously abundant and hope lives in the heart of the L. Dean Fitzgerald family.  They all live very comfortably, but the vast majority of the original family fortune was used to create the world's largest, and most respected, charitable organization.  The name is Feed His People Services.  Annie actively leads the organization while L. Dean has committed the past 13 years in service to the people of Texico. 

     He has served as Vice President, Secretary of State, and now, Secretary of Truth.  He has always maintained a steady writing schedule and remains an influential cultural figure in Texico.  Retirement was long ago deemed irresponsible and unlikely.  He views it as giving up on life and instead prefers constant mental stimulation and physical exertion.  Thoughtful, bold, and easy-going, possessing a healthy apathy.  Considered a trusted confidant by many and an internationally respected representative of Texico.  Fiery when nessesary, collaborative by nature, and eternal thinking always.  Wears a smile and encourages others.  Classic dresser, avoiding trends and tight fitting clothes.  Walks with a solid posture and loves to drive.  Comfortable alone or with a small group.  Tolerates large crowds, but usually looks for an opportunity to disappear quickly.  Carefully impulsive.  Hates arrogance and usually displays a humble spirit.  Has a signature old Texas accent that can be embelished when appropriate.