last night i went to hoboken
to see a hobo i knew
he was lost in the fog and dancing
asked me if i had a brew

took him to a pub called o'gormans
and drank til one or two
the bartender called the police
when i beat a man with my shoe

he had called me a stinking bum
when i bumped into his girl
took a swing at my friend, the hobo
and both my fists became curled

"i might stink like a rat", i had said
"and i know i'm full of rum.
but no one's gonna hit my buddy,
no one's gonna call me a bum."

that was my first mistake
being so thin skinned
the man was just protecting his lady
and we were butting in

but i was full of booze
and that man, he was too
two simple minded drunks
fighting with our shoes

the police pulled me off the man
his woman spit in my face
they cuffed me and read me my rights
then took me out of that place

sitting in the jailhouse now
bottom front tooth broken
wondering if my hobo friend
made it back to hoboken