Everything That Follows

seems the only
worthy and
measure of time
is day and night

everything else
is in the stars

a new year means nothing

a new month means nothing

a new week means nothing

only a new day has meaning
and everything that follows

Thoughts Bursting

the shape of a poem has the effect of creating momentum....thoughts bursting, the true ones highlighted among the nothings.....like a scene. or a dream. three people dreaming, sitting in the same chair, commenting on the woman in the flowing dress and giving advice on backhands. the oz figure wearing a suit off the rack and a solid maroon tie, his own army celebrating the holiday, or maybe just celebrating drinking, eating, and lusting. his daughter, trapped in her life, uncomfortable to be his daughter. oh, the expectations! she'll likely turn her back and move to tahiti or paris. paris, france.



hello, hello, can you hear me
i already told you what i thought
are you listening
are you paying attention to anyone

someone else in the world has made themsleves known
the push of a button is all
if i hit send i will be known
can you give me a minute, i'm busy

glowface, you've seen me
glowface, you've hurt me
glowface, you need me

already we don't talk anymore
we don't look at each other
can't remember the last time i held you
you've always got a glow in your eyes

your head is down, it's a waste
hello, hello, can you hear me
you look up with a confused face
you don't understand what i'm saying

glowface, you've seen me
glowface, you've hurt me
glowface, you need me

glowface, you've seen me
glowface, you've hurt me
glowface, you need me




Christmas Blues

could move from this place but i'd have to move
don't want to pick up the slack , not tryin' to be rude
just want you to hear the awful truth
i'm so low down, got the Christmas blues

the midnight sky playing tricks on me
thought i saw the devil in a pecan tree
walked that road for days and days
count the people so the romans get paid

found a barn with a view when i got to town
made our bed with some hay on the ground
i watched her sleep, her skin so brown
couldn't hardly rest cause of the animal sounds

my Baby was born later that night
He didn't make a peep, He barely cried
His mama seemed well, had tears in her eyes
a miracle Child was born that night

we registered our names, they counted three
my honey, myself, and the baby King
does everybody know He gonna set them free?
gonna take all the blame for you and me

the years would pass, and His mama got old
always listened to what He was told
nobody knows what He knows
been living in heaven since time was known

went back to the country, the city's too huge
blisters on my feet cause of m' cowboy boots
might have heard the rumor, i'll tell you it's true
that Baby gonna cure my Christmas blues



It Is Finished

maybe the world will end today
the earth and sky eliminated
maybe we'll go on 'til tomorrow
tomorrow afternoon or the next day
the man in the tight suit might know
we'll be covered in sand or maybe snow
it could get to thirty below
before we realize it's time to go
some say it's coming in tewnty twelve
like we could ever really tell
it is finished, the book is closed
the work was done, we've been told
please don't cry when darkness comes
the lights are cut to end our crimes
the end of times will end forever
we'll be gone, but we'll feel much better



The Texico National Anthem

decended from the ancient mardyrs, one by one they took the last breath in their lungs
lungs were needed for words and they had said them all.

we stand as texicans
together all along
without measure
our love for our God

the communion of saints and resurrection songs can be heard in the western winds
the ghosts of the holy promises He gave sing all the time.

we stand as texicans
together all along
without measure
Our love for our God

to live forever near the carribean sea, watching morning turn into night, never an afternoon
the evening light is red in texico.

we stand as texicans
together all along
without measure
our love for our God


Texico (Draft): The Fightin'

     The story of how Texas tore itself away from the United States in the birthing days of Texico is the tale of calling bluffs and deadly force. In the teens, and earlier, a bloody war raged south of the U.S. border between Mexican police and armies and the organized crime organizations that truly ruled the country. Hundreds of thousands of people died, many in gruesome and cruel executions. Many in Islamic terrorist-styled suicide attacks. The gutless warriors. Texas, at that time a state of the U.S., was stirred by ancient obligation to intervene, but seemed the lone troubadour of the Mexicans. Unable to let the massacre continue, and despite official condemnations, declarations, and protestations of the rest of the country, the Texans eventually raised an army of over 100,000 though the Texas Ranger's charter to partner with Mexico and crush the drug pushers. Texas, always fertile ground for lawyerly brilliance, took the matter to the courts and continued it's recruitment of new Rangers and weapons stockpiling. Ultimately, it is this case, The State of Texas vs. The United States of America, which allowed the bloodless succession of Texas through courtroom maneuvers, nuanced understandings, and implied indications.

     The recruitment process attracted a wild band of characters to the various county courthouses across the then state. Rescuing the tortured people of the then nation of Mexico was a rally cry not far removed from the Houstonian plea before San Jacinto many years before. The war had by that time spread across the border and into the larger cities and the Texans never acquired a taste for idleness when the fightin' starts. The defensive-minded and reactive police forces were not designed to arbitrate a war through the courts and the need for an offensive was apparent. Texas was being invaded, the U. S. Federal government seemed uncaring, Texans were dying daily by gruesome methods, and the war was finally being covered by all legitimate media sources. The Texas Governor, James T. Barnes, led a massive Texan revolt of the Washington politics. Once all the Texas Senators and Congressmen left Washington in the same plane on a steamy August day, a case was filed in the courts, and the Texas Rangers were making a big comeback. Eventually, the most important part of raising the right force to partner with the Mexicans and crush the druggies was to determine who to reject. The intense demonstrations in the long ago 1960s for peace was the most recent comparison of the public outrage. Only this time the outrage was for outrage. That was the public mood. Some individuals would be outraged at any Mexican and could not be a Texas Ranger. The Mexicans were the victims, as were the Texans. This soldier would require discernment. Judging discernment was the key to recruitment of the legendary Texas Rangers. A force was raised, one that went on to partner with the Mexicans and crushed the druggies. In 2 weeks. The Ranger Navy went underground with the use of two thousand infiltrators and additional surveillance and quickly helped develop a battle plan. The druggies had their infiltrators and additional surveillance as well, but the Ranger Navy spies had one critical advantage that assured the winning battle plan. Satellites. Houston. All that stuff is in Houston. Thank you LBJ. Yes, it was almost like playing a video game when Operation Liberate Mexico launched on Thanksgiving night in 2014. In a shootout, the Cowboys had just lost to the Las Vegas Saints to drop their first game of the year. Jason Garrett had led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins and there was no reason to think another was unreasonable. Tony Romo was finally a winner, although his most worthy admires remember the tire change. His true instinct was to serve. Give to win. Less is actually more. The bottom of the scorecard? Your grit is tested. True grit (wonder how the remake will be? the dude, jeff bridges, playing john wayne.). Later that night the final battle for the soul of Mexico began and the next two weeks brought unspeakable battle. Indescribable horrors of war. Modern battle has to be quick. The severity and precision of the weapons and the relentless fury of a well led force will not allow the beaten enemy to endure for long. As long as the politicians don't drop the ball or cuff the hands of the fighters.

     The Texas/Mexico alliance was extremely well led politically by Julio Fransisco Del Corona and L. Dean Fitzgerald acting as liaisons between the Texas Governor and President of Mexico. In communiqué. The force was unleashed without restrictions and the battle plan was executed over the two week period. The druggies that remained alive were in dire straits, meekly offering summits and compromises. L. Dean was the convincer of no compromises. Governor Barnes and the Mexican President publically, and heroically, appeared together on the bridge connecting Laredo to its sister town, Nuevo Laredo, to denounce any compromises. Peace came to Mexico only days later when bands of white flag waving Mexicans walked from the hillsides and valleys of Mexico and abandoned the lords they served. The false gods, the drug gods, promising money to the wayward Mexican youth and now only delivering a thousand hysterical Texas Rangers in tanks and on horseback invading the front yard of the compound. Truly, it took the Texans to convince the Mexicans to use brutal tactics to win the war. It was the only humane way. The druggie refugee prisoners were held in West Texas tent prisons and many have reacclimated themselves into current Texico society. But they were scarred by what they endured and survived in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 14. Most of the drug leaders were killed by these refugees before the official surrender. When surrender came, the highest ranking drug official at the live television/multi media event was the 2nd cousin of the Yucatan kingpin, Felix Soto. Geraldo Rivera hosted the event and to this day, it remains the 2nd highest rated program ever. Behind 9/11. Remember the Towers. Remember the Alamo. Remember the Apostles Creed.....

I believe in God, the Father Almighty,
the Maker of heaven and earth,
and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord:

Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost,
born of the virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, dead, and buried;

He descended into hell.

The third day He arose again from the dead;
He ascended into heaven,
and sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
from thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Ghost;
the holy Christian church;
the communion of saints;
the forgiveness of sins;
the resurrection of the body;
and the life everlasting.


     Descended into hell sits alone. Not much is talked about. Oh, the battle! But the dead do rise and are forgiven. Texas and Mexico celebrated the liberation of the country like long lost brothers. And they were long lost brothers, with sisters and wives and mothers and fathers and all the children. The millions. A borderless culture developed in post war Mexico and Texas. Music, food, tourism, commerce, media, and industrial bonds grew strong and vibrant. "I'm Going to Texas" turned into "I'm Going to Texico" when L. Dean Fitzgerald wrote the Texico National Anthem and sang it at the Ballpark in Arlington during the 2017 World Series. Life and business was alive in Texico and the Washington (and Nashville) establishment were frowning. Forgiveness had never come to the Texans for Operation Liberate Mexico. The case of The State of Texas vs The United States of America was working its way through the appellate courts and was about to hit the desk of the honorable John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.



Don't Got Plans Of Making It In Nashville

i won't mind if you see right through me
i'm confined to a life of transparency
open the blinds in your mind and hear me
you can look right through me
you can look right through me

gather 'round the table if your able
among the sounds of people that are grateful
at sundown, "gotta go see ya later."
i remember not everyone was able
i remember not everyone was able

now understand, this band don't play for cash
low down man who knows he's been blessed
check His hands, they got smashed in the crash
don't got plans of making it in nashville
don't got plans of making it in nashville

on that note, let's keep on writing
texico, start talking 'bout the fighting
you never know, if anyone'll like it
might as well keep on writing
might as well keep on writing



Anatomy of a Roddick

     As mentioned previously and explained sufficiently, a roddick is the term used in the Isner Scoring Method (ISM) for the need to postpone or cancel a prescheduled match. For any reason--injury, conflict, weather even. Last week's mahut ended 2-8 in Keck's favor to take it to 45-15 after six mahuts of the third match to be played by the ISM. J. Vita had recently lost his first Isner match, the second ever, to the same Mr. Keck by a score of 70-35, less worse than my previous defeat to Keck in the first ever Isner Match. During the 2-8 mahut, as I was rushing to the net after a first serve, I felt the plantar fascia pop a little. According to Wikipedia, The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band of connective tissue originating on the bottom surface of the calcareous (heel bone) and extending along the sole of the foot towards the five toes. I surely felt it but at the time I was getting mouletted 0-7 by Keck and I was more concerned with avoiding the humiliation of that development. To refresh, a moulette is the french term for skunk. A mahut ending in 10-0 is a skunk and as a tribute to Nicolas Mahut, we use the french word. Vita had been mouletted in his Isner match and I shuttered at the thought. I never followed up with Joe immediately after his moulette, but I heard he was wrecked. He came back strong and actually took a few mahuts from Keck, but the start was so poor the inevitable loss to Keck happened a few mahuts later. He seemed changed when I talked to him recently and he's challenged Keck to a more traditional contest, but he will play ISM again one day, probably seeking revenge and, likely, successfully. I did win two of the last three to finish 8-2, even after I was suffering from plantar fasciitis.

     I limped through the night at home, even applying an ice pack at one point. When asked about how the match went by my youngest daughter, I lowly claimed, "Keck, 8-2. He's just tough girls. I think I even tweaked m'foot. I like playin' with guys better than me. Keck's like a machine. A tennis machine. What chagonna do?" All the girls gave my sympathetic nods and assured me that I was one of the best tennis players they'd ever seen. In person, anyway. The "one of" comment hurt, but I knew it was true. Now I was injured and beat. The pop seemed different. More sudden than a sore muscle. It tightened up my calf and howled in the morning. It was painful and it concerned me.

     After the internet helped me with my diagnosis and I began developing my rehabilitation plan, I was mainly trying to stay off the foot and creating reasons to sit. In a foolish act, two days after the injury I went to a Ray Wylie concert at the Granada in Dallas and stood by the stage the entire time. Never understood why the girl singers never came back out after the first two songs, but he only played Snake Farm once and his kid was playing a very blues/rock lead guitar. Lucas Hubbard, I think. His bass player was really good and Ray was excellent. The drummer made the show go very smoothly, lifting the audience when needed and shaking the noise when an important lyric came from the songwriter. Forget his name. Ray Wylie remembered, or made up, all the words and a full shiner bock was poured on me by a guy holding six in his hands. He apologized and offered me one of the remaining beers and we went back to watching the show. Hosted by Okra and attended by David Kent and John Kylie, the concert was worth the additional pain endured by my case of plantar fasciitis.

     Through the weekend I rested the injury, continuing a series of cold packs and keeping to a stretching regimen. Monday brought work shoes and further pain. Tuesday was worse (the morning!). Wednesday was scheduled for our seventh mahut of the Isner match. Keck, anxious to get closer to seventy, was surely anticipating a match. I had not let on that I was experiencing the level of discomfort that had me considering the use of a roddick. Early in the morning, I sent him the message. The foot ached after a brisk walk in to work, and I was confident with the decision. "roddick" I wrote on the title line, then explained my rationale for using one of the two roddicks allowed per match. The next day, after my continued rehabilitation efforts, my foot felt much better. It was a good use of a roddick. The plantar fascia is an important rubberband-like feature of your foot. Stretch your calfs and make sure you got arch supports. Painful if inflamed.



Cold Meat Blues

pillowlike and greasy when i touched the bird
had woken me early with smells I've heard
thighs were soaking with the wings lifted up 
white meat was tender and warm when touched

pulled the blade accross the neck
sliced a piece for myself
came apart like a house of cards
threw the scraps out in the yard
yeah, i threw the scraps out in the yard
yeah, i threw the scraps out in the yard

the bird's now sitting without no bones
just before he went he was thinking of home
got the cold meat blues like i never knew
help me Lord, help me Lord, got the cold meat blues



always wished on my wish list to be with you all my earthly days.
too bad we sometimes miss just a little of this. it's a shame, we really shouldn't waste a day.
you know it don't end on sunday. that's the day he tells us the path to take.

never knew what could happen to you in a life of desires and mistakes.
felt the burning urges, always surging. takes my mind away.
i always fall on saturday. take the easy way babe, you always look at me that way.

you cut your lip, let it slip, the grip of it's awful sway.
fall time after time, like you're dying. the trip that ends in some dirty old grave.
friday must give us life, click off the light, tell me no lies, just tell me it will always be this way.

you know it don't end on sunday. that's the day he tells us the path to take.
you know it don't end on sunday. that's the day he tells us the path to take.




some like it thick, others like it thinner
usually a snack, add meat then it's dinner
i always tell the waitress  i want some to go
can never get enough of that good queso

top it off with some pico or some peppers
crispy corn chips make it so much better
get some rotel and the big velveeta
make your queso at home and shake up some margaritas

queso for breakfast with bacon and eggs
eat it for lunch, it's got plenty of veggies
for dinner, don't forget the meat
queso at midnight can't be beat

queso, queso, i love queso
how much i love it, you just can't know
when i lay my head on my pillow and sigh
fall alsleep and dream of queso all night



Jailer Jim

cuffed and patted, my world in tatters
just tried to keep my peace
bridgeport cop said the reason for the stop
was i was going over the posted speed

some jospeh paul got cross with the law
when he was stealing cars for cash
"that's another guy" i stared in his eyes
but he said "put your hands on the dash"

took me in to a jail made of tin
made me change into stripes
jailer jim with the tattoo tan
said i was staying for the night

figured morning would come and we'd get this done
might as well get some sleep
gave me a blanket and pad, i was kinda mad
cause i had wet socks on my feet

found a spot on the wooden cot
laid flat, closed my eyes, and breathed
started to doze when the jailer rose
he had my clothes and the key

got busted out by my long-loved spouse
when she woke the county clerk
processing error caused this terror
"wait 'til morning" ain't gonna work

driving west again to see my friends
to fish, to sing, to rest
i'll get there by six cause all this got fixed
God's Will put to the test



I'm Counting On You

it's gonna be my way or the highway
gonna make it in this world somehow
you can take it your way and hit the freeway
you can worry about the here and now

wanna live a nice life with a sweet honey wife
ramble on the boulevard at night
i know she'll pay the price, I know she'll sacrifice
keep us from going out of sight

a woman that loves me, takes care of me
picks me up when i'm feeling down
a woman that hugs me, a woman that loves me
woman thinks she can turn this world around

every bridge we cross is new
every song we sing is blue
every lie we tell seems true
i'm counting on you





The Proper Citizen's Perspective

extreme polarization sludge has taken over the politics of the county due mainly to the re-election process.  the parties have reduced themselves to leveraging media to ignite political media bombs.  collecting enough donations and getting enough votes.  the actual legislation is just pay back, usually.  there really should be an effort to limit terms.  the unfortunate part is that what they do is actually very important and has consequences.  if we got their minds off getting re-elected, they could do very good things.  important things.  and they still do good and important things despite the sludge.  however, the other aspect of our current political state is the pure entertainment value.  because this is interesting and very funny.  fox and msnbc illustrate this firmly.  to my daughters disgust, when i watch tube i flip around.  flip from fox to msnbc.  watch them cover the same stories.  this might be a way to start the process of understanding both sides.  the stars are in the media.  the caricatures are mainly true.  since downgrading politics to an entertainment level as opposed to a guiding light level in the volatile regions of my mind (same for my interested observer status toward the dallas cowboys--fandom no more), my perspective has broadened considerably.  if the truth were told, bush and obama were, and are, disappointments to the extreme reaches of their own parties, especially economically.  we muddle in the sludge, day after day.  we get updates every night.  debates, 6 on the screen at the same time.  all talking.  some disagreeing, some not.  eventually, scope broadens and blinders fall.  the proper citizen's perspective is gained.   

The Final Mahut

     When I walked on the tennis court for what turned out to be the last mahut of the first Isner Cup, I was weirdly optimistic about my chances to delay the inevitable end of the match. Keck had played brilliantly over the previous three months to find himself up 69-31 and after ten mahuts he was one game away from reaching the iconic 70, which would finally secure him the first match utilizing the Isner Scoring Method (ISM). After an extended warm-up, I spun the racquet to determine who would serve the first game. Keck, with a grin, confidently called up. When I looked at the butt of the racquet the Dunlop logo was clearly down and I felt like I had the early momentum. "Here comes the beast!" he said, "Your serve. Uh oh, could be your day." His condescending tone irritated me and I felt rage toward the man who, deep down, I knew would hold up the first Isner Cup later that evening.

     After a few practice serves and token stretching motions, I signaled the beginning of the eleventh mahut of the isner match by raising a tennis ball in the air with my pitch hand and making eye contact with my opponent. Keck was bouncing around with light feet and his racquet was spinning in his hands. He nodded, "Mahut!", he bellowed. He wore a sky blue bandana like a crown and he was perfectly outfitted for the occasion, always preferring the most modern athletic fabrics. With the toes of my left foot, I took my spot and with a single sweeping motion, lowered the ball, took my racquet behind my back, tossed a spinless ball high in the air, arched my back, bent my legs, and exploded into my first serve. I had decided to start with a flat fastball and possibly catch Keck off guard and bouncing, waiting for the more routine topspin first serve. I plastered one down the mid line and he lunged for it after hesitating the other way. His racquet nicked it, but the fence rang loudly behind him. I was running toward the net and abruptly stopped, turned around, and walked back to the baseline. "15-love", I shouted as I positioned myself for the next service point. After a couple of bounces of the ball, I hit another nice serve. This time high and arcing with a left kick due to the topspin and follow through. Keck adjusted and made good contact with the ball with an inside out cross court forehand. I lunged to my left as I rushed the net and as the ball hit my backhand volley I absorbed the pace and dropped a dead shot just over the net. Keck stood behind his baseline without taking a step forward, "The master of the net. Like McEnroe." he said. "This could be your night. Too bad I only need a game, “he continued. I glared at him. "30-love", I said slowly with extra articulation.

     As I was lining up to serve the next point something caught my eye. A pink ball was rolling across our court with a middle-teen age girl following behind. Not running, but walking fast. In obvious embarrassment and inadequacy. "I'm so sorry", she quietly muttered as she chased the ball. Hiding my irritation, I smiled pleasantly and assured her it was no problem. "Go ahead and get it", I said and she finally began running and picked the ball up. She went back to her court after another apology and I once again shouted out the score to Keck. I tossed the ball high and hit another solid shot that went in but nicked the net for a let, take two. My second first serve was swallowed by the net as I went for another flat heater. Keck hit my second serve at a severe cross court angle for a winner. "Why would someone play with pink balls?" I thought.

     Keck won the next three points with laser beams and footwork, moving me all over the court in desperate reaches and loss of breath. I admired his play, though he would never know of my admiration. He was certainly worthy of the first Isner Cup. Consistent, thoughtful, and executed play. Never used a roddick; showed up mahut after mahut. The toughest loss he took was a 5-5 mahut, the same mahut I had my finest moment. My family applauded me that night. I kept the odor filled shirt on until my bedtime shower. Yes, Keck was worthy of the Isner Cup, and gracious in victory. I believe he felt sorry for me, which enraged me further. I didn't understand that about Keck. Perhaps I never will. Look who has the title. A true champion. "Wanna play the full mahut?" he asked after we shook hands at the net and downed some water. "The final mahut ends with the first to hit seventy." I said with breath-less mumble, and added, "You see, a mahut cannot be strictly defined as a 10 games, due to the final mahut having the possibility of going less than 10 games. Let's play a regular match, two out of three sets and then go get some beers."



Nobody To Blame

ever get to the end of your rope?
what then?
nobody to run to.
nobody to blame.

don't want to read.
don't want to work.
don't want to talk.
don't want to sleep.
don't want to breathe.
don't want to eat.
don't want to love.
don't want to be loved.
don't want to write.
don't want to type.
don't want to lie.
don't want to cry.
don't want to drink.
don't want to think.
don't want to smoke.
don't want to joke.
don't want to bathe.
don't want to cave.
don't want to cook.
don't want to leave.



Never So Cold

what's up with you
feel a rock in my shoe
what's up with ya'll
no need to crawl
if you knew my name
could i catch your train
once i knew a prince
he was always tense
playing dominos
under a flock of crows
thought she never knew
had a rock in my shoe
start up the truck
think my tires are stuck
windows disappear
while the women sneer

ooooh, ooooh, got a rock in my shoe
oh, no my soul was never so cold
ooooh, ooooh, got a rock in my shoe
oh, no my soul was never so cold

stand here next to me
ask me what i need
despite the hands i hold
our love won't corrode
mighty to save
give me the love i crave
you're the missing piece
saved me from the beast
we're spinning our wheels
begging for the deals
it's at our fingertips
on the edge of our lips
reach out to the truth
climb up on the roof
take it to the streets
wash the beggars feet





a moment of inspiration
who knows from where it came
gotta get this down
gotta get this down now

a moment of perspiration
from the tropical storm, i'm sure
a five setter in new york
the swiss are funny

a moment of inclination
better move when it comes
many people are inclined
to do nothing

a moment of flirtation
memories of those first glances
i still see them sometimes
and smile about our life

a moment of stagnation
why can't i move from this place
persevere and endure
other moments await


Sparsile Out

had a chance last week to adopt some words.
many were available and they were on their best behavior.
hoping to make a good impression.
i'll be no trouble at all.

had to take a couple of days to decide which ones to take.
for it was assured that the adoptions would take place.
these words need love and the oxford university press.
was tired of them.

after much thought, i became the legal adoptor of the following words...

floscation, sparsile, leeftail, vitamin g, ectylotic, aquabib, heltic, tudiculate, prandicle, ten cent store, and fabrefaction.

when we got home, i searched for my new words in the webster's dictonary.
on any of my adopted words.
i was asked if i meant hectic when i tried to find out what heltic meant.

after inital anger, and feeling betrayed by the english, again.
i walked outside to a very bright moon-lit night.  clear.
and i felt that it was very sparsile out.
meaning refreshing or reinvogorating.

i'll determine the meanings of my words.
patience will allow me to find the right meanings.
aquabib sounds like a punk band name.
or the star of an infommercial.

very sparsile out tonight.


Send This To 13 People

*received via email from ty weatherly....

Your cell phone is in your pocket.
He clutches the cross hanging on his chain.
Next to his dog tags.
He knows he may not see some of his.
Buddies again.

You walk down the beach.
Staring at all the pretty girls.
He patrols the streets.
Searching for insurgents and terrorists.

He's told he will be held over.
An extra 2 months.
You call your girlfriend and.
Set a date for tonight.

He waits for the mail to see if there is.
A letter from home.
You hug and kiss your.
Girlfriend, like you do everyday.

He holds his letter close and.
Smells his love's perfume.
You roll your eyes as a baby cries.
He gets a letter with pictures of his new child, and.
Wonders if they'll ever meet.
You criticize your government.
And say that war never solves anything.
He sees the innocent.
tortured and killed by their own people
And remembers why he is fighting.

You hear the jokes about the.
War, and make fun of men like him.
He hears the gunfire, bombs.
And screams of the wounded.

You see only what the media.
Wants you to see.
He sees the broken bodies lying around.

You are asked to do some thing.
By your parents. You don't.
He does exactly what he is told even.
If it puts his life in danger.

You stay at home and watch TV.
He takes whatever time he is given to call, write home.
Sleep,and eat.

You crawl into your soft bed.
With down pillows,and get comfortable.
He tries to sleep but gets woken by mortars.
And helicopters all night long.

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We Still Got Trees

fighting through the jungle i see thorns and sticks and weeds
hacking every stump i cross, running from my own misdeeds
we torched his evil garden and we created paradise
we said that nothing mattered, indulge in it's delights

but we still got trees
have some empathy
want to fall to my knees and plead

happy days, they come and then the blues come falling down
we can't have what we want, and we want it right now
look at that money man, posing like a king
if the mask came off that man, he'd be shaking in his sleep

but we still got trees
have some empathy
want to fall to my knees and plead

what if you had to watch your life go up in flames
would you run back in the place to save the sinners and the saints
cause you can take the easy way and live a fruitful life
or you can take the dirty way and die broke and lean and tired  

but we still got trees
have some empathy
want to fall to my knees and plead





Terminal Love

the house is empty, started thinking 'bout
what if you went away
i'll face the sin i taste, i'll do my best to rearrange
my heart's true desires
throw out the welcome mat, catch you where your at
you'll never be the same
trust what was truly said, watched as my brothers bled
their hearts spilled on the floor
the books are empty, they don't take you anywhere
don't stop to realize
harsh winds of heat and ice cover the land
the shaking seas loom
turn to the front and look upward, it's in the stars
they've scattered about
talk of it, what you know, what you've seen
terminal love
terminal love
terminal love
terminal love




The Doom For The Dumb

hardly a day goes by
that laughter does not win
the irony is too real
or, perhaps, not real

in late summer heat
we all boil a little
tolerance of much
becomes hard to tolerate

the paved hill was steep
we walked, balancing
a book i read the other day
claimed balance as another sense

we took the easy way out
frustrations left to thumbs
preoccupied and restless
the doom for the dumb


Bruise On My Side

who ya gonna break up
who ya gonna shake up
can't you make your mind up
i'm working for the man

everything is stone cold
knew it when i got told
i'm just thinking oh no
what'll i do now

closed my eyes and asked Him
what He thinks about my plan
said look at your life man
you got no reason to whine

finally slept at 3am
under a ceiling fan
i'm paid up on the rent
got a bruise on my side


Texico (Draft): The Texico Papers

There are many founding documents that are important to the Texico balance of individual liberty and governmental controls.  Mainly, these guiding documents are meant to encourage economic success for the citizens of Texico while maintaining the international relationships critical for relative world-wide peace.  The most important and enduring document is The Texico Papers.  Penned in 2013 by L. Dean Fitzgerald and Elias T. Woods, it's adoption and protection laid the foundation for the rapid rise of Texico's revolutionary economic and social cultures.

The Texico Papers
dated july 4th, 2013

1.  Land Ownership.  The owner of any real estate has sole desicion-making over what is lawfully produced on or from the land or any structure fixed to the land.

2.  Federal Taxes.  The Texico federal government is entitled to 1% of all private revenue.

3.  Defense.  The Texico federal government will maintain a comprehensive elite force to proactively protect country and interests.  This is solely the responsibility of the Executive Branch.

4.  Private Business.  Is actively encouraged. 

5.  Estados.  The Estados of Brazos, Trinity, Galveston, Pecos, Ogallala, Lousiana, Delta, Yucatan, Chihuahua, Baja, Tabasco, Veracruz, and Mexico are the governing entities.  The elected Senador of the estado maintains sufficient staff to enforce criminal law.  Senadors are elected by popular vote every 6 years for a maximum of one term.  In addition, the offices of  President, Vice President, and Attorney General of Texico are determined by the popular vote of each Senador, every 3 years, for a maximum of two terms.  The Secretarys of Defense, Truth, and State will be appointed by the President.  Texico shall always have an odd number of estados to prevent ties.

6.  The Truth of the Apostle's Creed.  True until proven wrong.

7.  Branches of Federal Government.  The two established branches of the Federal Government are the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch.  Pure democracy in the form of popular vote will determine all legislative decisions including, but not limited to, passing laws, reversing laws, approving budgets, approving judicial nominees, and impeachment.  Legislative voting will occur twice a year for a period of 48 hours each season.  Early spring, early fall.  The Executive Branch includes the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Secretary of Truth.  Primary functions are promoting economic success for Texico and it's citizens, leading an efficient and elite military, appointing judges, budgeting national revenue, national sports teams, and enforcement of laws.  Budget is 1% of all private revenue.  The are 3 levels of Judges for federal matters, all appointed by the President of Texico and approved by a popular vote of the citizens of Texico.  The first level are Arbitrars, the second level are Magistrates, and the final level is a 5-Judge Forum.  All judges are eligible to serve for 12 total years and any judge may be impeached by a 2/3 popular vote of the citizens of Texico. 

8.  Voting.  All voting is done in via the internet and the lone shared responsibily of the Executive and Judicial branches is to establish an all-inclusive, secure, voting process.

9.  Personal Protection.  The right to responsibly own a gun is undeniable and everlasting.

10.  Sports.  Texico will maintain an active and competitive national sports program aligned with current Olympic sports events. 



Got The Word Blues

so much has already been said
understood what you wanted
then i dropped the stupid game
discussions of hope on the bridge
always'll wonder 'bout what it was
just don't know what it was
i think i'm out of words
i might be out of words
i can't find the words, the words aren't coming

but my mind has already exploded
finding visions to talk about
thought we'd always smirk at each other
see the future in a looking glass
the future will be there waiting
it's what petty said about waiting
i'm looking for the words
i'm listening for the words
i think i hear the words, the words just keep a'coming




The Okie Sixty Nine

the water tower's falling down there's a castle over there.
in muskogee all the women color their hair.
go up miami way and you get lost in the trees.
got to pay two bucks for tore up bumpy street.

on the okie 69.
doing 85.
heading south from Big Cabin.
we're gonna cross the Red River tonight

every town you pass has tomotoes from the vine.
for sale in covered shacks adorned with a sign.
saw some corn 10 ears for 5 bucks.
someone wrote on a 18 wheeler, "God bless this truck."


plenty of Choctaw natives and a tribe of Cherokee.
still stand on the cliffs of rock and watch the enemy.
car lots, casinos, and business parks collide.
where speed zones and the trooper man reside.


capo 4


Isner Scoring Method (ISM)

To create the needed long suffering, serve intense, mind-bending tennis experience, I along with Jason Keck of Allen, Tx. developed the Isner Scoring Method (ISM). The match goes to whoever gets to 70 games, utilizing traditional deuce/advantage scoring to determine the winner of each game. It is played on a traditional tennis court, respecting the size, length, spacing, and height of the lines. The match can be played over days, weeks, months, years, or perhaps, a lifetime. Doesn't matter. What matters is John Isner, Nicolas Mahut, and the epic Wimbledon first round match they finally completed in the summer of 2010. To honor the beforementioned, but ultimately defeated Frenchman from the Parisian suburb town of Boulogne-Billancourt, each 10 game section of the match is referred to as a mahut. Serve is determined by a spin of a volunteer's racquet before each mahut. The other player indicates up or down. The winner serves. The loser gets to pick the side. This happens before every mahut. A mahut ending at 10-0 is called a moullette, the French word for skunk, again honoring Mahut with the inclusion of a French word. A change in sides happens after every odd game throughout the entire match. Each player is awarded two waivers of play (called roddicks) per match. A waiver of play allows the player to cancel a pre-scheduled meeting or call play before a mahut is complete. Injuries, unplanned (or planned) events, and weather qualify for waivers of play. Maintaining a log book is strongly encouraged (noting the general weather conditions, the score of each mahut, the combined Isner match score, and the physical and psychological state of each player). Water should be abundant and proactively shared. Warm ups for each meeting are limited to: 15 and can be reduced to any amount of time upon mutual agreement and may be skipped altogether. Each player should arrive for each meeting with two unbroken (strings included) racquets. Condition of the tennis balls is not monitored and each player is counted upon to deliver trustworthy line calling. There is no appeal process for line calls or scoring errors. The server is responsible for keeping score of each game.  The first player to reach 70 (do not need to win by two) shall receive 2 bottles of cold English-made beer from the other player.                     



my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
swear on her life she'll make it right
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
wake her at night and see if i'm lying
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah
my wife's got a pocketknife oh yeah



Saw Him One Time In El Paso

freedom as we know it is a funny funny thing
what we've done to liberty is an awful crying shame
if you looked jefferson in the eye and tried to explain
he'd ignore you with disgust and swear you were insane

young soldiers left on the battlefield dying in the sun
in the sixties they fought each other and no one really won
sent them east to march the jungles and save poor vietnam
left some bones in the desert just for the black gold men

fighting cowards, snakes, and bandits through italian hills
the killer of His people was tracked and hunted and killed
santa anna at san jacinto, after he burned the alamo
sent him back to mexico, but i saw him one time in el paso

freedom as we know it is a funny funny thing
what we've done to liberty is an awful crying shame
if you looked jefferson in the eye and tried to explain
he'd ignore you with disgust and swear you were insane

it all started when the horsemen yelled and we filled the bay with tea
bayonets and bullets on bunker hill and the brits were brought to their knees
took 'em again in 1812, while washington was still on fire
the pearl was found in the ground of a hundred pacific islands

fighting cowards, snakes, and bandits through italian hills
the killer of His people was tracked and hunted and killed
santa anna at san jacinto, after he burned the alamo
sent him back to mexico, but i saw him one time in el paso




Don't Want To Brawl

remember all the things i told her
told her we had to give it a try
we can't let it get any colder   
gonna be together all our life

i don't want to brawl with you
i just want to worship with you
i just want to love you better
cause heaven is all i think about

let go of the frenzied worry
worrying about some hollywood queen
trust me, this life ain't that boring
unless you let the devil box you in

i don't want to brawl with you honey
i just want to worship with you
i just want to love you better
cause heaven is all i think about

we've seen miracles born before our eyes
souls left for us to train
do you ever just look in the sky
and scream out His name
i don't want to brawl with you
i just want to worship with you
i just want to love you better girl
cause heaven is all i think about




New York Elusive: Good Pie

     "I sing fo' money. I'm no begga' man," the man hummed as he talked in long rambling sentences. He had shining, moving eyes that rarely met other eyes and he smilingly displayed teeth of many colors. He wore layers of clothes in June and smelled of several days. He had just boarded the subway on the final stop before our drop. My wife squeezed my hand tightly as we rode the subway between Union and 69th, heading back to our temporary upper east side home after desperately, and successfully, completing an authentic New York date. It was 2:00 a.m.; we were road weary and full on a midnight breakfast at L'Masho de Bucluer. Earlier, from the sidewalk patio, we drank coffee and heard nothing but the streets in between discussions of dreams coming true and the merits of extended travel. When the door of the subway slammed shut we were alone with the man and a sleeping, hooded figure slumped in the corner. Just riding and sleeping, I guessed. The man kept on, "Hows 'bout a sweet song for the lovely lady?". He seemed truly impressed with the loveliness of my wife. With pride I ordered a tune.

     The man began beating his cane on the floor of the subway car. It was evident he had done this many times and with added vocal percussions he began....

with blinded eyes, I will not see
notice the wounds that cover me

     "Got a five? Need food. Got a ten?” he begged clearly and loudly between verses the entire song, never missing a beat with his cane and continuing with the song quickly. It was impressive. His voice was wild and raw and he was moving in a quick jump dance. During the roughly 2 minutes before our final stop, as we were captive audience to this brilliant performer and his brilliant performance, New York was not elusive.

     "Oh, wonderful! " my wife beamed after the song, clapping and smiling at the man. "You were just wonderful." She was already pulling money from her small date purse and gave the man several neatly stacked bills. The small, old, and slightly stooped man took the money and with a graceful bow never seen on a stage, grasped my wife's left hand and raised it up.

     "Just fo' the lovely misses", his speech was slowed, "A song only fo' you. Gawd bleeess you woman." He looked at her and held her hand for several moments. He was looking at an angel, as was she, but the performance was not over. I rifled through my pockets and pulled out a twenty. This made him smile as he cut his eyes to me and quickly grabbed it from my outstretched hand. As we reached the 69th Street stop the man stuffed all the cash he earned the previous few minutes into his overcoat front chest pocket. Sixty to seventy dollars, I speculated. I never asked my wife exactly how much she coughed up, but I was aware of our general vacation finances. We then jumped off the subway, hit the turnstiles, took a flight of stairs to the street and walked along quiet Upper East Side sidewalks hearing an occasional truck horn from a distance.

     The night was mild with an occasional cool wind. We walked slow, holding hands and admiring everything. I silently imagined stories in every house, lunch at every bistro, and picking fruit at every corner produce stand. She just smiled peacefully, occasionally remarking on things of beauty and prayer. 

     As we passed the Pizza Palace Pizzaria, I remembered a talk from the day before. When the owner found out where I was from, he had asked how much money a builder in Texas could make a year. "Builder of what?” I had asked back.

     "Residential,” he had shouted as his workers scurried in the back for my order. I answered unknowingly, but confirmed his construction prospects in Texas. My daughters pulled closer as we ordered lunch, the four of us having just moved from our Times Square Hotel to our second New York vacation home on 71st. He kept his eyes on everything, but somehow seemed to always look out the window, almost willing hungry people into his corner eatery. Practically everything in the small, tidy place cost something, although the owner made a point to inform us that ice was free. The pizza was very good, the salad was small, and the alfredo sauce was bland (two fifty-cent containers of grated parmesan cheese helped). As we left, the busy, street toughish owner had rushed to the front and waved, "Aye, aye, thanks for coming to Pizza Palace. Tell the Texans to come see us."  He quickly went back to work.

     "You bet we will buddy." I had turned and answered with an enriched Texas twang, "Good pie."


The Gulf Is Bleeding Tonight

watching from the shorline
i could see people praying and crying out
tomorrow seems like wishing in the wind
but tomorrow is all that's there

the gulf is bleeding tonight
the gulf is bleeding tonight
hardly ever heard an encouraging word
beaches and birds are dead for sure
the gulf is bleeding tonight
the gulf is bleeding tonight
damage will come to those who knew what they done
here's to the cajun, you won't be shunned
the gulf is bleeding tonight
the gulf is bleeding tonight

he'll blame him and he'll blame him back
people who read in between lines
who twist the law for cash
live on islands near the lowlands

the gulf is bleeding tonight
the gulf is bleeding tonight
hardly ever heard an encouraging word
beaches and birds are dead for sure
the gulf is bleeding tonight
the gulf is bleeding tonight
damage will come to those who knew what they done
here's to the cajun, you won't be shunned
the gulf is bleeding tonight
the gulf is bleeding tonight

the waters boiled red in the summer of ten
no way that can ever happen again
the sand was black and the politicians slacked
the shrimp men gonna bring the gumbo back




Not So Bad Being Lonely

startled to see the woman of it all
worried about the hearts of her family
come to her and cry

some sort of post modern reason
don't know what post modern means
i have my own insight

not so bad being lonely
if i can be alone
not so bad being lonely
if i can be alone

you'll get a chance to tell the truth, amen
tell me in that moment--tell me what you gonna do
the most important thing in your life

are you gonna have an answer my friend
when the drifter asks you what you know
can you look him in the eye

not so bad being lonely
if i can be alone
not so bad being lonely
if i can be alone




Just In Time

listened to a woman the other day said her foot hurt
woke yesterday morning, Lord my back made me moan
my feelings surrendered when my girl rolled her eyes
thought i was faking 'cause i didn't want to be alone

why should i take the blame
don't you know i'm in pain
hope i never go over the line
got out of there just in time

went through the list of life and what went right and what went wrong
didn't know what to say when we talked about the sad times
just lifted a glass and toasted the years we've lived
the rotten things we do seem a wasteful crime

why should i take the blame
don't you know i'm in pain
hope i never go over the line
got out of there just in time

climbed upstairs through mainly english brands and flags
bearded guy singing oasis songs in the corner of the bar
announced his breaks and played nothing but covers
had to summon a driver to take me home, didn't live far

why should i take the blame
don't you know i'm in pain
hope i never go over the line
got out of there just in time




Texico (Draft): Number 9

When the maniac from Iran lifted hands with the Turks and the Brazilians we all knew the rules of the world had evolved.  This was no longer the America of founding purity, diversity of thought, or even right and wrong. Boundries were only for the moral. So it seemed back then. In the raging teens.

"Honey", L. Dean remembered calling out, "Come on. Chillleees!" he continued with loud whistling and banging.  It was early on a June Saturday morning.

"Daddy?" Ava finally answered, tired from the previous night's soccer game.  It was tournament weekend for the 11/12 year old girls and games were stacked, two to a day.

"Everybody is drinkin' a bunch a'water. Don't want t' get dehydrated." L.Dean roared, always giving advice to his family. Ava Rose, the young and fierce; Shelby Lynn, the powerful and conflicted; and Annabelle, the wise and beautiful preacher woman.  Several friends had been battling dehydration, common in the summer Texas heat, and L. Dean was insistent on his water demands. "I already drank two glasses. One before my morning walk and one after. Drink girls. Drink!" he continued to yell to his sleepy family. Annabelle was many things, but counting on her for morning promptness was perilous. L. Dean woke in the early dark, an hour before the sun, stretching his body for long periods of time.  The scent of mowed grass and sounds of the early darkness creating melodies never heard.  The sun's light woke Annabelle, her huge green eyes heavy until devotions and prayers. However, her preoccupation with her daughters didn't need alert eyes. They thought the same thoughts, overcame the same frustrations, and swayed to the same rhythms, all of L. Dean's girls acted as one maiden of God's creation. Somehow, the inevitable conflict actually balances the fragile relationship between mother and daughters, releasing steam when needed. The daughters (sisters, really) enjoyed a devout, and at times ferocious, sibling alliance. Three was stronger than one. The feminine trinity of the Fitzgerald’s.

"Ava, your jersey is hanging on the hook in your bathroom," Annabelle weakly shouted from her bedroom, "Get some water ready daddy.  Shelby Lynn, no one is listening to your crying and whining." The oldest had indeed pleaded for more quiet and was taking sides against everyone in the family. Tears followed.  Eventually, the inevitability of the established schedule and some prideless coaxing from Ava and L. Dean would clear the air. Annabelle said nothing to the oldest daughter and was utterly unaffected by the latest eruption.  When the entire family finally climbed into the car, Annabelle continued to ensure proper direction, "Sunscreen? Chairs? Towel? Ava, did you eat anything? Shelby Lynn, you?"

"Yes mamma, I had some grapes and half a muffin," Ava answered, then continuing with a growl, "I'm gonna track down number 9 all day. She goes left, I cut her off, she goes right, I get the ball, she elbows, I elbow back. I'm ready to goooowaa." Her teeth clenched and both fists balled tightly.  Her blood boiled and her face turned red. 

"Hope you stretched your shoulders," L. Dean said, "Soccer is a game for all four limbs.  You got to use your entire body, remember we talked about that?  Remember?", he asked while turning around and looking at Ava. "Use your whole body," he continued, "You never know how the refs are gonna call it 'til the game starts.  It not a bad thang to be the first to get a warnin'"  Annabelle, glaring at L. Dean,  quickly laughed and reminded her youngest to have fun and play hard.

"Number 9 is miiiine," yelled Ava Rose. 

"Stay on her honey," her mother said.

Number 9 was a spectacular player. Fast, agile, smart, and unselfish. Despite a supreme effort, Ava was humbled that day. Number 9 was better. It was obvious. L. Dean, Annabelle, and Shelby Lynn took the loss hard. They were praying and willing a win. Not until dusk did they return to normal moods. Ava made a note. Filed it away. Twenty years later as she captained the 2030 Texican Women's World Cup Championship team, she set up the winning goal against the Brazilians. On that famous play, in the final minute, she shook off an elbow to the jaw while driving past two defenders and softly lifted a pass over another defender to a streaking Texican wing player. The wing drove the ball past the leaping goalie and ignited the noise of legitimacy in the admiring crowd. The goal scoring player was number 9, dark haired and tireless Elishia Mendoza, the same player who commanded Ava's esteem so many years earlier. 

"Let's just go home," Annabelle moaned after the game, "Ava, you played your heart out sweetie.  Now, I want an hour of chores when we get home.  Thirty minutes free time, then an hour."  The girls gave her a dirty look. 

"Number 9 was the best player I've ever seen," said Shelby as they drove slowly home.  "For sure she's the best 12 year old I've ever seen."  She looked at Ava with pity, then told her she played really good.  "You got a goal girl!", she said while patting her head.  She loved Ava Rose.     

"Yep," whispered L. Dean, "Number 9." He was taking the long way.

"Can I have a friend over today?" asked Ava.

The wind that day was unsettling and relentless. Through that summer (crude summer to the disgusted cajuns), oil stained the gulf beaches while the political men and women continued to keep the corrupted system alive.  Grease was their main concern, not oil.  L. Dean wondered about the gathering wickedness in the world and the delusional American rebuke. He made a note and filed it away. He vowed candid dissent, demanding competence and late-17 hundred's conviction of ideas.

"No honey, we're going to go home and spend the day together", answered Annabelle.  "Do you know how lucky we are?"  Both girls looked out the window and started humming the same song.


Come All You Senoritas

come all you senoritas, come on up to the stage
come all you senoritas, don't even know your name

one day i saw Jesus, he was looking straight at me
i turned my head in spite of him, but he would not let me be

gringo look at your treasures, cowboy drink your wine
you can count your blessings out on highway 99

come all you senoritas, come on up to the stage
come all you senoritas, don't even know your name

you lie down in a fit of anger, gonna take a walk outside
tears falling from your oceans, find peace looking at the sky

you told me i don't give enough, i don't make time for you
i've been drifting past your stories and the places they take me to

look in my eyes and tell me, when you need me to comfort you
i'm not always thinking about what you're going through

come all you senoritas, come on up to the stage
come all you senoritas, don't even know your name

come all you senoritas, come on up to the stage
come all you senoritas, don't even know your name



Mercury To Rise

had to think where i was when i got up
drinking strawberry kiwi in a paper cup
back up the hill i flipped and flopped
the kids kept going everytime we stopped

waited for an hour for mercury to rise
saw the wings of saturn in the southern sky
craters of the moon were clear as day
felt small that evening in the lone star state

a taunting copperhead coiled and hissed
had to take it out fast, he couldn't miss
lifted a stump high and then he took aim
killed that snake with the deadly fangs

can't see any color cause we're in the dark
but spiders are seen like diamond hearts
your skins gets covered in sweat and webs
songs are whispered and the Word is read

sacked in the back of the speeding car
reminded of just how lucky we are
passed town after town going north from la grange
an easy feeling got me feeling strange

a grain of sandy sand, a speck of dusty dust
a tired lonley man in a town he once cussed
the days we spend apart disappear slow
the days we spend together have a graceful glow

Always Makes Me Want To Sing

He always hears me out, i fought through all my doubts
g                      em
i can tell Him anything
i can tell Him anything
always makes me want to sing
always makes me want to sing
tell Him what i'm doing in the morning
d7                                 g
tell Him what i did all night

gonna give you so much worry, keep you in a hurry
the devil knows he can
the devil knows he can
the devil knows he can
the devil knows he can
crying about the injustice
crying about the meaning of it all

why bother with the climbing, depends on the timing
let it come to you
let it come to you
let it come to you
let it come to you
you'll know cause of the gnawing
dreams will go away to find some rest

you're just being tested, like He always said
you can do anything
you can do anything
always makes me want to sing
always makes me want to sing
living this single moment
while i keep on getting closer to the truth


Ambassador In Chains

lily, oh lily, what a blessing you are
growing tall, growing strong, sure to go far
check Ephesians six, start with verse ten
read through twenty, it'll tell you plenty
shields and armor and the buckle of truth
salvation's helmet will surely protect you
never, never forget to carry your sword
the word will keep you close to the Lord
pray for your ambassador in chains
pray for your mama and all the saints
God has given you the gift of poise
when you sing, you sing a heavenly noise
i'll always pray that you'll be blessed
i already know you've found eternal rest
lily, oh lily, i loved the austin trip
didn't act all goofy and never gave me no lip


lost blood almost every week
left our general dead in the creek
took an arrow in the eye
saw Jesus before he died
he was gone, gone, gone
yeah, he was gone, gone, gone

working sails on an irish boat
regardless he was always broke
jumped off in montreal
heard the great plains call
he was gone, gone, gone
yeah, he was gone, he was gone

indians tracked his tracks
the dirt was soft and black
paid 'em off with sugarcane
went to texas on a cattle train
he was gone, gone, gone
yeah, he was gone, gone, gone

planted cotten, wheat, and corn
lived his life near where he was born
always broke a smile
knew he only had a while
he was gone, gone, gone
he was gone, he was gone

g d7 a7
g d7 a7



Texico (Draft): The Race for Harmony

     Writing Texico will require, almost demand in some cases, focused attention to several social, political, and economic issues. Some important, but lesser, issues can be implied. However, there are many that must be confronted and the characters must be tied directly to the ideas, the evolutions, and the outcomes of many critical issues. Among these are governing laws and guiding documents, the most prominent being the Texico Papers. L. Dean and Elias T. Woods were the primary writers of the document that changed the future of America, Texas, and Mexico and, in part, led to the formation of Texico. Other issues include race or, better described, the consolidation of race, crime (especially in the southern part of Texico, the former Mexico), energy policy, sports, higher education, military, prison, and religion.

     America, perhaps doomed from the start, is paralyzed by race. Through race equality everything is filtered, without exception. This filter includes laws, politics, guilt, business marketing, shame, and media. Asian-American, African-American, Mexican-American, Female-Americans, and Muslim-American. Two of these American sets given a continent, one a country, one a gender, and one a faith. If one was a Dane originally, he would be referred to as an American from Denmark. Or if a Canadian man, he might still be called a Canadian, regardless. If that Canadian were female or black, Canadian would not work and the gender or race would be disclosed. The Australian gets the rugged Aussie label; Indians (or still Native-American to some) boldly, and controversially, demanded the removal of the hyphenated label which led to the awkward Indian Native label if you were actually from India. In fact, by 2040 these groups had largely geographically segregated themselves into definable regions in America. This obsession with race had impacted America in many ways. Coalitions were forged between race groups depending on mutually shared benefits. Especially economic and political. Through the years, America had suffered several bloody race wars. The 2026 Asian-American/Mexican-American war ended after a month of bloody battles, eco-poisoning, and other brutal tactics. Ten thousand were left dead and the Asian-Americans finally declared victory after the Mexican-Americans retreated from San Francisco and contentedly remained settled in Southern California and the southwest desert regions of America. The nuclear agreement the Asian-Americans struck with China and promised radioactive destruction of San Diego ended the terrible war. Of course, other countries exploited and encouraged the racial strife in America. Largely, America in 2040 resembled the USSR in 1990. A historically great superpower ready to crack in a world full of superpowers. Bitterness, entitlement, and self-occupation destroying the once-great unity. Compared with the previous century, America was just holding on. Texico was the opposite. Harmony among races, religions, genders, and classes seemed prevalent. The Texico Papers and the political will (and mandate) to protect the truth kept cultural rivalries and resentments to a minimum. Pure capitalism and a servant's mentality were primary goals shared by all Texicans. Culturally, Texico thrived due to the thick skin of the people, appreciation of diversity, and lessons learned from the American mistakes. One unifying and descriptive label was used --Texican.

     L. Dean is white ( if there is such a thing). European-Nordic-Saxon-Danish-Irish-Canadian-Irish (black) all in his blood. Probably his ancestors were part of the Great Heathen Army that battled the Franks a millenia ago. All the way back to Adam and the sweet mother of all, Eve. The raceless family. Annabelle, an adopted daughter of northern Europe. J.T. Barnes is from the Ozarks originally, Elias T. Woods came from Texans that fought, and died, at the Alamo, Travis B. Whitney is black (if there is such a thing), Maggie Graham is a burning red head obviously descended from Ireland, Fran Del Rosario Vinales has stubborn Latin blood, and Mitch Parrish was born an east-coast American blue-blood. Differences between the characters will be openly acknowledged and openly ignored. Inspired by truth, all Texicans are respected and protected as humans and prosper (or not) due to actions and results.




Drink You Dry

heard a little story 'bout a king you know
his mama never let him down you know
always told him just what she thought
and he never forgot everything he was taught

told him he better love the girls
don't let 'em down, you gotta talk to girls
tell 'em all the things that make them unique
take 'em hunting at the finest boutiques

sons and daughters can drink you dry
you turn beat red but act dignified
what you really want is some time to yourself
you forgive the words for your own mental health

all and all it's not a bad deal
the anger fades and resentments heal
you hope they keep a-coming back
when your older and your mind is jacked

keep a-coming back
keep a-coming back
keep a-coming back
keep a-coming back    





Senses Diminished

what if there were no sounds
what would become of words
would toes still tap
ears would seem pointless

what if there were no scenes
would color have a home
beauty would be more than skin deep
my eye doctor would be doing something else

how about living with no taste
food pills?  who needs a chef
water would continue to be important
breath would be better, unless...

smells could not be smelled
would anything be a stinking so and so
flowers could be seen at least
perfumes makes me sneeze anyway

what if feeling were lost
physical touch, not emotional
surely we would still have a soul
good art would be very tricky 


Little Bit Down The Line

we're all gonna feel the power
we're all gonna break from the crowd
we're all gonna see the glory
just a little bit down the line
we're all letting go of our anger
just a little bit down the line

we're all gonna live forever
but we're all gonna feel the pain
we're all gonna be together
just a little bit down the line

talk to red heart angels
just a little bit down the line
talk with familiar strangers
just a little bit down the line
just a little bit down the line
just a little bit down the line
just a little bit down the line



Texico (Draft): Grace Of The Aged

            Getting old, passing through life, learning lessons, inspiring. However we describe it, it is undeniable that physically we are diminished by the years. Some have more fight than others and spend their ever shorter life battling the aches, pains, and wreckage of their bodies. But what of the mind? The same destruction comes to our minds, and our souls, and the battle needs to be joined in those areas too. Describing how we attack aging or declaring how we are going to fight all the way to the end seems misguided in a way. Surely, we are meant for, and have been promised, everlasting life. The fight can come from that instinct and taken to its fleshly absurdity.

     L. Dean Fitzgerald is an old man in the present tense of the story. However, he has an easy peace about the inevitable decline. Acknowledgement is ever present, but it does not seem to become a central complaint or reason for empathetic pleadings. Wisdom is the benefit of the aged man or woman. Created by experiences and long periods of considering. Mistakes are remembered with passing regret, but remembering and regretting are mainly activities of the foolish and beaten. In Texico, we have a post succession, and principled, Texas and a lost Mexico becoming a nation. We are about 30 years forward from the present day which allows for a completely empty historical record. This is the basis of the fiction and is like an empty canvass for an author. God willing, I will live these three decades myself, but I will explore the effects of aging in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, from an outsider's perspective. Hopefully, writing the story of an aged man, among other aged men and women, will lead to thoughtful imagining of the road to the casket--or urn of ashes--or desert tomb.

     In Texico, age and time will be a central feature of the story. The story of the initial rumblings of succession, the executed plan to leave the United States, the merging of Texas and Mexico, the rapid and astounding economic and diplomatic success of Texico, and the current reality of the nation will be told as betrayal and fearless love bind and divide the characters.



Eleven Eleven

see what you find in the back pages of your life
when daylight comes and you thank Him for the light
He might want you to write
He may want you to fight
He may want you to close your eyes
and thank Him, and ask Him, one more time.

speak to me, i beg you, i want to know
wanna know, wanna know, wanna know, oh Lord i want to know
I'll do what i am told
unload my cargo
end up in San Antonio
fallen cold, no hero, a complete fiasco

too late to be up at night, it's a bit past eleven
should hang it up tonight, as tired as i been
really thought we'd win
they had the better men
i shouldn't try and pretend
they wouldn't bend, up by ten, couldn't defend



Wine Cost 35 Bucks

never heard of no wine cost 35 bucks
daily shipment comes in from the big trucks

man you funny is what she said to me
blessed her when she shook out an early spring sneeze

i don't blame you for taking it back
she kept on talking as we walked past the snacks

no wine is worth that much cash
get you some mad dog if you want to get smashed

get you some mad dog
get you some mad dog
get you some mad dog
if you want to get smashed


Mindless Motions

up before 6, my body's aching
ignoring all the pain i've been taking
we can all see the wages of time
we can all see the wages of time

top of the day and i'm needing something
get a quick bite and keep on humming
mindless motions keep me here
mindless emotions keep me here

afternoon wind gets everything dirty
don't drink like i did in my thirties
no need to stop on the way home
no need to stop on the way home

harvest covers a peaceful table
sharing stories, reading poems, thinking about fables
i wonder if i'm breaking down
i wonder if i'm breaking down
we can all see the wages of time
we can all see the wages of time


*co-written with kent deville


Billy's Got To Go

james coburn seems the real pat garrett
riding around the streets of low down lincoln in the rain

with the women he had a heavy hand
got shaved and bathed by servant girls

coburn gonna make 'em sigh
coburn gonna make a show
coburn gonna make 'em run for cover
billy's got to go

never took his thoughts off billy the kid
he was scared, and brave, and confident, and ashamed

smirked at him with his cutting eyes
before he drew his gun and shot the man of fame

coburn gonna make 'em sigh
coburn gonna make a show
coburn gonna make 'em run for cover
billy's got to go

coburn gonna make 'em sigh
coburn gonna make a show
coburn gonna make 'em run for cover
billy's got to go
billy's got to go
billy's got to go




The Bread Rose Just Right

Leaving the church Friday night after Good Friday service, where our pastor thankfully reminded us of the goodness, even greatness, of the day, I was feeling like a scoundrel.  We left Him there and ran.   We lied and doubted.  We are weak souls.  Shallow souls.  This is the ever-nagging pull of the cross.  Our awe at the Man who did take it.  He had the same soul and understands our weakness.  As does the Creator, who created it all.  The fact that this Man was also God, as proven by the Resurrection and the Holy Spirit, gives you an appreciation for our God's courage, imagination, and perfectness.  But, still, I was low and unworthy on Friday night.  The $40 burger dinner afterwards at Fuddruckers didn't really help matters.  Buns were a bit too sloppy and the tomotoes were suspect.  Cranky, I was.  A cheerleader routine later that evening had me smirking and by the time my wife joined in, I was picking out the music.  The Traveling Wilbury's closed the performance with Where Were You Last Night.  Songs from explorers.  Never did completely shake the blues of the good, even great, night and went to bed occupied and sad.

Dead Saturday was a relief.  Sure, Jesus has decended and is now facing down Satan, but the pain and blood is unseen.  Seeing Him suffering man's rotten sin, is tough.    Through our eyes and understanding.  Pitiful good Friday.  The actual act of dying witnessed by His own mother, and many others.  Eleven cowardly diciples missed the event.  Tangling with the devil is next.  No one had a chance to write about that battle.  Son of God is not as understood by us.  If he took the beating, hanging, stabing, and burial of the previous day for us, imagine the weight of Saturday.  Dead Saturday.  I even went an extra 5 minutes on the bike machine in humble inspiration.  We prayed longer for our Saturday late-morning meal to the point of distraction and sacrifice.  Omlettes with buttery mushrooms and onions.  I snuck a meaty piece of bacon.  The smell of the breakfast kitchen was too much.  A sip of coffee as my oldest prayed for Jesus.  I sensed the women, all three, understood what was happening.  Through the Saturday we tried to keep busy.  Basketball, climbing, shopping, groceries, running, cheering, winning, catching-up, movie (the wimpy kid), popcorn, greasy shirt, showers, curlers, let the bread rise.  Wanted to go to sleep early.  Don't want to think about the last stages of the fight that started on Friday night. 

Dreamed worriedly last night and woke to a cool, windless Easter morning.  The Red Wheel Sweet Cinnamon French Braid turned out nice after a full night of rising.  Yes, the bread rose just right.  Everything settled.  Jesus is gone.  Come back and gone.  He went on, back then, to appear to thousands.  Humans since able to breathe in the Creator, the Savior, the Son of God, the Son of Man through the Holy Spirit.  Easter is the day of validation.  Everything is gonna be alright.  He come and gone.  Gone where I'm going to go.  Like a big brother that takes off for life.  Ever lasting life.  I draw a huge knife from it's safe place and slice it across the main stalk of the broccoli.  My in-laws like a choppier salad.  Light, jazzy, and late, worship at Our Savior Lutheran await followed by a grateful lunchtable in the north Collin County countryside.  Chocolate and ham destined to be the main memories of the day.  Grandpa Jim collected around $35 in can money through the year to be hidden in plastic eggs.  We'll scatter them around one acre of the 7-acre spread.  Stockwell Acres.  MaMa will watch from the porch and smile.  Perhapes wave a hand.  "Go on and get 'em.  Ha!".  She understands the battle that was fought and won.  She is still fighting death, as we all are.  This is her 95th Easter morning.  I wonder how she made her macaroni and cheese so crusty.                                          


Graveyard Wisdom

they'd give anything if they had my cough
or a kingsize bed that was nice and soft
pure envy runs through their veins
everyday seems the same

the same, the same, the same

they all wish they could go to work
experience the frustrations that lurk
day after day they wish
a talk, a lunch, a kiss

one kiss, one kiss, one kiss

seasons change like a kaleidoscope
though the years they learn not to hope
death touches all the races
the colorless resting places

but there's no rest in this place

they long to hold another and taste sweet honey
see the sun fall asleep and have a pocket full of money
smell all the smells of the dirt
feel the pain of being hurt

it's the pain that hurts


My Shiny Used Car

chip on the paint and there ain't much tread
but i like the color and there's room for my head
drove the small one but there's not much juice
had a smooth ride but the steering was loose

worked the numbers with the money guy
kept sending him back to give my numbers a try
finally got him when i put a grand down
gonna make it drive straight and fix that sound

my shiny used car
got a deal on a used car
took it off the lot, my other one's about to rot
my shiny used car

think someone ever smoked in here?
spilled a milkshake or dropped a beer?
smells good to me and drives like a dream
got a sunroof and the stereo screams

leather's overrated anyway
hot in the summer and likely to fade
dark tinted windows and two high-tech keys
from the minds of the japanese

my shiny used car
got a deal on a used car
took it off the lot, my other one's about to rot
my shiny used car

my shiny used car
got a deal on a used car
took it off the lot, my other one's about to rot
my shiny used car


Hochatown Hoot

good evening.  thanks for listening to the Hochatown Hoot on KEWL 107.1, Southeastern Oklahoma's destination for culture, music, and news.  this is lane ramsey with local news.  Adabel police took a man to jail early this morning at 2:30am.  the man, 32, is accused of assault of a minor.  evidently, the man slapped the 7 year old boy after the boy asked him a question at a card game.  "I ain't your daddy, boy," was heard before the alledged assault.  police are still investigating while the man sits in the McClacklin County jail.  further, the man was immediately ambushed at the scene by three women.  hospital officials confirm he had multiple deep cuts around both knees and possibly bone fractures to the face and left arm.  several teeth were missing, but dental records will determine if they were already gone.  needless to say, he has alot to think about.  he will face the judge tomorrow morning.  an indictment is pending.

in other news, the Pine Meadow Church of Christ in Spear Head was burglerized and vandalized overnight.  $150 and a book of stamps were taken and several windows broken.  Chief Rolf Knubing gave a statement earlier in the day.  Please listen to the audio of that statement:

     "This AM we are investigating the apparant burglery and the sickening destruction that occured down at the Church of Christ.  We are currently persuing new leads after several tips and are busy trying to bring the matter to a conclusion.  in fact, we encourage others who have relevant information regarding the church staff to call the Police Department at 585-979-7012.  Or let one of us know if you see us."

when briefly asked questions, the chief claimed "the investigation was still pending" on all inquiries.  although  no arrests have been made or charges filed, a press conference phone call is scheduled for wednesday morning at 9:00 AM.  the church's part-time accountant and maintanence man have retained the same lawyer, interestingly enough, from Powderly, Texas.  he is scheduled to arrive tonight.  he will meet with local prosecuters in the morning.

be sure and get your entries into the 4th Annual McClacklin County Story Contest by April 1st.  open to age 6 and above.  must be a current county resident.  be aware, you may be asked for official documentation prior to the official awards ceremony.  in the event you are not able to provide the needed documentation, including picture id, the next highest vote count will win the award.  several categories will be recognized including, elementary children, middle school children, high school, women's open, men's open, and the coveted Boren Prize.  as in years past i will serve as one of the judges. this year's event sposored by River Shore Cabins, Francis's Candy Factory, Winey Girls Wine Bar, Jimmy's Go-Carts and Putt-Putt, Jane's Whisky Store, and, of course, KEWL 107.1.  the awards ceremony will be held at the Hochatown Assembly of God outdoor amphitheater, facing the highway, on April 15th at 7:00PM.  a tea party rally will follow that will march from Jimmy's to the Shell station.  Bring your flashlights.  this is lane ramsey, giving you the Hochatown Hoot.                                              

Owl Eyes

she sees everything day and night
she sees through the confusion
eyes big and wide and clear
she sees no illusions

with intuition, she finds her way
the truth, the lies
always there, perched above me
with her owl eyes

spotted in a crowded room
never took my eyes off her beauty
spoke of peace and rest to come
i watched as she spoke truley

then she vanished into the night fog
everything was dripping with sweat
my heart broke like a midnight drum
i missed the eyes i just met

she had owl eyes that knew me
she had owl eyes that wanted me
she had owl eyes that loved me
she had owl eyes

woke from a dream, startled
took a deep breath and sighed
pulled the covers up, warm and morning smells
took a look at my sweet owl eyes

she had owl eyes that knew me
she had owl eyes that wanted me
she had owl eyes that loved me
she had owl eyes